Mother's Day Gift Idea…

Mother's Day Gift Idea…

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With Mother's Day just around the corner I've found myself thinking about how my relationship with my mom has grown stronger as I prepare to become a mom. I was extremely sick in the beginning of my pregnancy and my mom was there to take care of me on days I couldn't get myself out of bed. She's calmed my fears about the unknown of giving birth and all the other challenges and fears that I think most women feel about becoming a new mother. I'm so grateful she's been by my side every step of this pregnancy and I'm even more grateful my baby girl gets her as a grandma!

Every year my sisters and I scheme up something special to give my mom for Mother's Day and this year we wanted it to be extra special for all the help and support she has shown to each of us this year as our lives have been changing: Emily welcomed her second baby, I'm expecting my first, Megan has embarked on her first year of college and is keeping busy as ever dancing as a BYU Cougarette, and Amy is tackling high school and boys.

After throwing around several ideas we chose to create a freshly homemade bouquet of her favorite flowers and a new pair of sunglasses! We had so much fun arranging this bouquet while reminiscing about old stories and memories; it isn't hard to guess that our love of flowers stemmed from our mom. Growing up she always had fresh flowers around the house (and it's certainly rubbed off on me, if you can't tell ;) Our mom was also the first to introduce us to the idea of style and fashion. Whenever us girls were getting ready in the morning our mom would always remind us to accessorize! She would say, "Accessories are the final touch to any outfit." Sunglasses have always been her go-to accessory; she never leaves the house without them. So we decided to surprise her with matching sunglasses from Sunglass Hut for all the girls - since she sparked this desire to accessorize in all of us!

I hope this gives you a little inspiration for a gift to give to the women you will be celebrating on Mother's Day! And if you're going for sunglasses, these are my top 3 picks from Sunglass Hut:

These Dolce & Gabbana frames can be worn on women of all ages.

These Ray-Ban round metal frames are timeless and versatile.

And these Vogue round sunnies are perfect for Spring and Summer.

xo, Rach

Brought to you by Sunglass Hut.

Photos by Lindsey Orton.

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