Mother-Daughter Getaway With MacKenzie-Childs...

Mother-Daughter Getaway With MacKenzie-Childs...


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Last month my mom and I had the opportunity to travel to upstate New York for a fun mother-daughter getaway! I spend a lot of time with my mom but it's either with my sisters or all the grandkids running wild. It was so fun to be able to spend a few days one-one-one together relaxing and getting to learn more about a brand we both love, MacKenzie-Childs.

While in upstate NY my mom and I got to stay at the most charming inn and tour the MC headquarters. We had lunch with the creative director and actually got to go and watch the pieces being made by hand. It was so special to see the entire process, and it was a testament to their brand and the craftsmanship and attention to detail that is poured into every single piece. We took a painting class and got to hand paint our very own MacKenzie-Childs platter as well! Here are some pics from our time there and a tablescape I curated with all MC pieces! I can't get enough of the Courtly Check! All of these products would be great options for Mother’s Day gifts!! I remember when I purchased my first piece about three years ago. It was my Christmas present to myself and I still love it to this day!

My mom and I were talking on our plane ride home about how we felt like this trip helped us gain a better appreciation for the little things in life and to pay attention to detail because it's the intricate details that can make all the difference. My mom has always taught me to follow my dreams and push myself to new limits. I've shared this before, but when I first started my blog seven years ago EVERYONE thought I was crazy (including all of my sisters, Drew and my friends from school). Everyone except for my mom. Day in and day out she would go out with me to take my outfit pictures. We'd scout out the perfect location to shoot and go shopping for new pieces to wear. Even if it was a simple pair of earrings or a new lip shade, we talked through the details together and she helped me make it happen. She could tell how much I loved it and how important it was to me, and she was dedicated to helping me pursue my passion and give this whole "blogging" thing a try (but back then the term "blogging" didn't even exist. Crazy to see how far we've come!!).

Those days in the beginning of my blog will always be some of my most cherished moments spent with my mom. And I’m grateful we were able to create new memories and strengthen our relationship on this trip with MacKenzie-Childs. She has always been me and my sister’s biggest fan and cheerleader in whatever we want to do in life and I hope to be the same caring, encouraging mom to my Isla Rose and Bear as my mom is for me!

Brought to you by MacKenzie-Childs.
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