Making Valentine's Day Special for the Kids

Making Valentine's Day Special for the Kids

Balloons: Zurcher’s Party Store | Straws: Target | Kid's Gifts: Target | Gift Bags & Tissue Paper: Target | Tassel Banner, Cups, Plates & Napkins: Meri Meri (also sold at Zurcher’s) | Pink Kid's Chairs:


Valentine's Day is on Thursday and I'm doing a quick prep to make it special for my little loves. My mom always made me and my sisters feel extra loved on Valentine's Day and it's been important for me as a mom to continue that with my children. Above all I want my children to feel loved, I think every mom wants that for her children. Here's a quick and easy way you can make their Valentine's morning extra special.

Here's my checklist:

  • Pancakes (I added food coloring to the batter, place metal cookie cutter on pan and put the batter into the cookie cutter) adding sprinkles would be cute too!
  • Balloons (what kid doesn't get excited when the see balloons)
  • A Small Gift to Open (I Grabbed some Paw Patrol goodies from the grocery store and some wrapping)

Display everything on your kitchen table or your play table and they will be so excited when they wake up Thursday morning!!!


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