Lake Powell...

Lake Powell...
We were at Lake Powell this past week and had such a blast! Lake Powell is one of my very favorite places.

The Parcell's are totally into water skiing and they are pro's! Drew tried to teach me but it didn't come to me as natural.

Walt, Drew and Lindsay skiing

Drew teaching me how to ski, he is a patient teacher (I never got up)

Cute little Paisley

Jett jumping off the house boat

Hiking face canyon

Brynn the cute hiker

Walt navigating the mud in the water, it was pretty gross!

Jett water skiing, cutest thing ever and he is way good too!

Paisley decided to follow in her older sister and brother's foot steps and attempt water skiing for the very first time

Grammy helping her get started, we were all so proud!

Can't wait to go back in three weeks, but who's counting :)
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