International Women's Day with Project Glimmer

International Women's Day with Project Glimmer

March is International Women's month. I love that there is a month dedicated to supporting and celebrating women.

This year, I am doing something special. On March 8, I am celebrating International Women's Day by partnering with Project Glimmer to donate a dress for every dress that we sell

Project Glimmer is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending racial and gender inequality through partnering with more than 1,000 organizations. I hope you are as excited as I am to support this amazing organization! 

The dresses will be gifted to young women through Project Glimmer's Social Supply Chain for Good, where these meaningful gifts will help instill personal confidence as these girls look to celebrate big and small moments in their life wearing Rachel Parcell. One event in particular we will be a part of is a graduation pop up event held in the Bay Area. Over 50% of the young women who attend this event are in foster care. These young women will have the opportunity to put together their  graduation outfits selecting from Rachel Parcell dresses, and more goodies from other partners, making their graduation a day they'll never forget. We are so excited to join forces with this beautiful mission statement of inspiring girls to envision and realize her empowered future. We feel it is the perfect complement to our mission as Rachel Parcell looks to inspire women to celebrate life's big and small moments.

I am beyond excited to celebrate International Women's Day with Project Glimmer. Our brand exists to help women celebrate important moments in their lives and we are grateful to be part of these young women’s milestones. 

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