Inspiration Wednesday...

Inspiration Wednesday...

I got a little carried away for this weeks Inspiration Wednesday. I know I probably should have used
other clothing stores besides J.Crew but.. I couldn't help it, this outfit paired too perfectly together to throw anything else in the mix.
I'm a little too obsessed and am currently working on expanding my wardrobe outside the realm of J.Crew
{I promise next week it won't be ALL J.Crew}.

Anyways, I suggest you fashionistas hurry your buns {or mouse clickers} over to the J.Crew website
because it is 25% off and free shipping until tomorrow at midnight {I think} BUT if you miss that, Factory opens Friday morning-Sunday night
{and your bound to find a good deal on Factory}

J.Crew is the perfect place to find your holiday party outfits.
The color palette I used for this look isn't the typical holiday look but my inspiration behind
this "J.Crew Holiday" is sugar plums
Can't you picture a sugar plum sporting this look?!
{I guess it's a little early to be talking sugar plums but they're way cuter than turkey's}

Happy Wednesday!

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