I’m Adding this Serum to My New Skincare Routine for Turning 30

I've been using this serum the last couple of weeks, and I had to share it with you all because it's definitely becoming part of my skincare ritual for the first year of my thirties. I love this product because it helps me simplify my routine, and as you all have seen, I am big on using the first few weeks of the year to completely de-junk and simplify my entire house. I gave away so many things to my sisters, neighbors and my RP Team, and now with my house cleaned and my bathroom re-organized I feel like a new woman.

I’m usually tweaking my skincare regime for one reason or another (sometimes I’m pregnant, sometimes I’m traveling, and sometimes I just need an extra boost of hydration), but this year I really want to experiment with more “multitasker” products. I’m only getting busier with family, work, blogging, and travel in my 30s; I’ll need glow-y skincare treats with a host of high-powered beauty benefits along the way!

I first started using True Botanicals while I was pregnant, because it’s super safe. And they just came out with this new product that totally goes along with my skincare routine. I’ve used several of their products for a while now (their bath-time Pure Radiance Oil is heavenly), but only recently started testing out their anti-aging serum made with Chebula.

What makes it an amazing anti-aging product is something called cascading antioxidants, a unique system of bioactive ingredients that continuously fight free radicals throughout your day. See my favorite features below...

  • This serum helps to moisturize and repair my damage-prone areas. I live in a desert climate, so this formula is a gamechanger for cracked skin, dry nostrils, and the sensitive skin around my eyes.
  • My skin looks brighter and plumper with each application. This is due to the serum’s ability to curb aging process where amino acids combine with sugar in the skin and cause a dull, sunken appearance.
  • I’ve seen a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Chebula works double-time when it comes to collagen production: it helps you create new collagen while keeping your existing collagen from breaking down too fast.
  • My skin tone looks extra luminous. Chebula helps to inhibit the production of melanin, the stuff that causes uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. Basically, the formula makes my whole face feel bright and polished.
  • My face feels firmer and more elastic. True Botanicals says this is because Chebula helps to boost filaggrin, a type of skin-binding protein that helps build a strong sublayer and prevent sagging. I can definitely see and feel the product adding lift and elasticity to my cheeks, eyes, and brow line.

Typically I’m using three or four different products to repair my skin, even out hyperpigmentation, and treat with antioxidants, but this serum does everything at once. It’s also super easy to use as part of my P.M. skincare routine. I simply smooth it on after my cleanse and before any other essences, then seal everything in with moisturizer.

I’m super excited to share this latest skincare find with my followers, and I have a code for 15% off. Click here and enter RACH15 and be sure to let me know what you think!

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