I know you... O wait, you don't know me...

Posted by Rachel Parcell on

Sweater: J.Crew {similar style here}/ Dress {worn as skirt}: Nicole Miller / Socks: Nordstrom / Boots: Tory Burch /
Bag: Marc Jacobs / Earrings: Banana Republic Factory / Ring: Ariella /

Have you ever been in a situation where you see someone you think you know
{key word is think you know}
and it turns out you only "know" them because of stalking their facebook, blog or seeing them on T.V.?
Well this awkward occurrence happened to me and what made it SO awkward was I didn't realize that I
didn't actually "know" these two boys until it was too late, I had already made eye contact and gave them
the look that says, I know you, I'm going to come talk to you. When the boys gave each other the look
that says, I don't know this girl, do you know this girl? it all clicked.
Images of the boys singing their hearts out in my family room or I guess T.V. flashed in my head.
Yes, I was a complete stranger to them. Turns out the two boys walking towards me, Capri and the
baby stroller were "the anser" a group from SLC that are on {my very favorite show} The X-Factor.
The boys came over and talked to me and little Capri for a minute and I explained to them
that I totally think I'm their best friend because I have been watching them for a month now on my
T.V. I'm sure they thought I was a crazy lady, but they were so nice and I'm still a little star
struck/traumatized from my awkwardness.

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