How to Style Bold Colors for the Holidays…

How to Style Bold Colors for the Holidays…

Hyper-brights are one of the top trends from my Winter ’21 Collection… These bold and feminine palettes make a gorgeous statement for office, weekend, and celebration, and they’re actually super easy to style for a unique statement for the holidays. Check out my inso below!


Style with a Monochromatic Look

One of the most stylish ways to wear a hyper-bright color (think fuchsia, emerald, or ruby) is to match the hue for your complete outfit. Monochromatic outfits look super luxe and elevated. Plus, they’re super flattering! The lines give you a long and graceful silhouette—no visual breaks or contrasts to interrupt the eye. 

Hyper Brights for the Holidays Pink Bubble Hem with Pink heels

Monochrom Styling

 Play with Embellishments

If you’ve chosen a bright color for a cute but low-key office look or weekend outing, I recommend elevating it with accessories and flourishes. I love to match or contrast a bold color with my shoes, for example, or add shimmer with a purse or statement earrings. 



Get Party-Ready with the Perfect Accessories 

 If you’re dressing up in a bold palette, make it festive! My latest RP dresses look stunning with tights, heels, and hairpieces… I love this fascinator veil piece for a little Old Hollywood drama, and the deep amethyst heels are to stunning. I can’t wait for all the Christmas parties to come!

Happy holidays from RP! 

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