How To: Relaxed and Effortless Curls...

How To: Relaxed and Effortless Curls...

One of my most asked questions is always about my everyday, effortless curls. Finally getting around to do a post about how I curl my hair for you ladies and I've included all my favorite hair products as well. Head to my stories today for a video tutorial too!

Step 1: Section hair off in two sections (I use this scrunchie to pull the top layer up).

Step 2: Start with your bottom section, grab a piece of hair about 1/2 inch thick and hold curling iron down and wrap the hair in a spiral motion, away from your face (the video on my stories will make more sense if you want to watch that!).

Step 3: Secure the bottom section in a scrunchie and then let the top half down. Repeat the same motion as step 2 on the top layer.

Step 4: Let curls set for 5 minutes and then brush through your hair using this comb.

Step 5: Add a dime-size amount of this oil to ends for shine.

Step 6: Finish off with the dry texturizing spray (adds body and gives your curls that effortless look) and a touch of hair spray so your curls hold all day!

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