How To Make Easter Morning Special for your Kids...

How To Make Easter Morning Special for your Kids...

Chick Basket: Nordstrom | Bunny Basket: Nordstrom (similar basket here) | Plates: Meri Meri | Cups: Meri Meri | Spring Walk book: Amazon | The Wonderful Things You Will Be book: Amazon | Candy and Cotton Candy: Lolli & Pops


My mom always made Easter morning special for me and my sisters growing up. We are religious so it was always a sacred day for our family but she always made sure the easter bunny left some spring time goodies too. It was never anything big, but fun and thoughtful spring gifts, including an Easter dress to wear to church (all of us girls were matching).

You've probably seen over the few years the Easter baskets I put together for Isla and Jackson. I swear I have more fun putting them together than my babes actually do opening them. I always keep it simple but it's a tradition I have been excited to carry over now that I'm a mom.

Like I said we are christian so Easter is special but whether you want religion to play into your morning or not, here a few tips and tricks to make the morning fun, special and memorable for your children (or grandchildren)!

-Make an Exciting Breakfast: My babes favorite breakfast is Kodiak Cakes with scrambled eggs. Add some food coloring to your batter to make the cakes feel a little more special and do it in fun spring colors! Isla always gets so excited when she gets to eat a pink pancake and we don't do it often so that alone makes her morning special! *I'm obsessed with dishware, display breakfast on pretty spring plates if you have them! It will make breakfast feel even that more special! It's the little things! -Create a Fun Tablescape: Isla and Jackson LOVE their little table. Like love it! We eat there every morning. I got some fresh greenery from my local flower shop (it was $10 for a big bunch of them) and I made a little table garland. I added a cute basket and bunny, fun springtime paper plates and cups! Again, it is new and different so it makes it more special. Don't forget the chocolate eggs too!! I found these at a local candy store! -Easter Baskets: I always like to display their easter baskets by the fireplace with eggs scattered everywhere to make it look like the easter bunny just came. Here are some fun and easy items you can go pick up at target or a grocery store to add to baskets. *Bubbles *Side Walk Chalk *Garden Shovels (what toddler doesn't like to dig in the dirt) *Chapstick (EOS is our favorite) *A New Book for Bedtime *Bubble Bath *A New Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste *Crayons/Color Pad *Their Favorite Candy/Chocolate Eggs *A Plastic Ball for Outside *A New Church Outfit -Religious Ideas: Go to your local religious book store (I usually go to Deseret Book) and get a children's book about Easter to read with your children. Have religious music playing over your home speaker(s) in the morning (this is something my family has been doing since I was little). My favorites are songs from One Voice Children's Choir and the Tabernacle Choir.

I hope these tips help give some you mamas some fun ideas for Easter. Thanks for reading! If you have any other ideas let me know in the comments below!

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