How To: Elevate Your Beauty Routine This Fall

How To: Elevate Your Beauty Routine This Fall

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First, add a drop (or two) of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum into the palm of your hand, proceed to add several pumps of foundation into the palm of your hand as well (see the photo above for an example). Mix the two together with your index finger and apply to your face, all over.

Why I love It:
The Estee Lauder, Advanced Night Repair Serum has become one of the most important skin care products in my beauty drawer as of late. When I first received the product, I would apply the serum to my face nightly, after my cleansing routine. After about a week of using it, I noticed my skin feeling more firm, even and soft. I became so in love this product, I began mixing a drop into my foundation before I applied it. The mixture leaves a soft glow and keeps my skin looking even and airbrushed all day. Together, they almost act like a tinted moisterizer without the oil and greasy feeling.

Next, apply an eyelash lengthening serum to the base of your lash line. Wait to apply the rest of your eye makeup until it's completely dry. (I like to curl my hair while the solution dries).

Why I love it:
Several years ago, I discovered eye lash extensions. In theory, it's one of the most brilliant beauty ideas! However, in my opinion they are expensive, high maintanance, uncomfortable and short lived. I know a lot of you are probably addicted to them, but for me they just don't work. When I finally decided to cut my losses and let my natural lashes take center stage again, my sister-in-law introduced me to Li' Lash. I have to admit, I was a skeptic. I didn't think a little silver tube could have the power to grow my lashes longer and thicker. To my surprise, the serum worked! Don't get me wrong, my lashes aren't as long or thick as they were when I had extensions but it's a close second. I suggest playing around with different brands to discover which formula best suites your eyes. I love Li' Lash and Prevage'

After the lash serum has dried, apply a highlighter under your eyes (I use the YSL Radiant Touch). This will diminish any shadows or signs of fatigue in your under eye area. To apply, create a triangle shape from the inner corner of your eye, to the outer corner then down diagonally just above your check bone (see above photo for example).

Why I love it:
An under eye highlighter has always been an essential product in my beauty drawer. For nights when I don't get a full eight hours of sleep, and I want to look like I did, I apply Radiant Touch. I also use this product to contour, it's a very versatile little gold tube!

Next, take a contouring brush (I use the NARS Yachiyo Brush) and begin to apply your blush just beneath the cheekbone, starting by your ear and working inward. Dust a lighter blush along the cheekbone. Blend together with your brush.

Why I love it:
The Yachiyo Brush features black goat hair, which is ideal for blending two pigments together when contouring. I've only had this brush for about a week, but from what I can tell it's as amazing as they say it is (it won InStyle's best brush award).

And last but certainly not least, finish off your look with a deep purple lip hue (I used YSL Glossy Stain #1). This is perfect for the autumn season and sure to make a bold statement.

Why I love it:
The YSL Glossy Stain stays in place all day but won't dry you're lips out like most lips stains.

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