How to Decorate your Christmas Tree in 5 Steps...

How to Decorate your Christmas Tree in 5 Steps...

I know we are all busy trying to get our houses ready with the holidays around the corner, and decorating Christmas tree's can sometimes be overwhelming so I wanted to create five simple steps on how to decorate your Christmas Tree. And if you haven't seen, I have some new gorgeous ornaments available at Nordstrom to help elevate your Christmas decor.


Select Between a Flocked or Green Christmas Tree

I absolutely love the organic vibe Christmas trees brings into a home, and wanted to give you a few tips as you select between a green tree or a flocked Christmas Tree. I love using the flocked Christmas Tree for my formal living room, the white flocking helps give the tree a layer that allows just a few ornaments to really elevate the feel of a room. While the classic green Christmas tree is so nostalgic and I tend to opt for this look when decorating my family room Christmas tree, where we open gifts Christmas morning. There are definitely benefits to both looks, but typically I will add a few more layers to my green tree whereas I love the simple chicness of my flocked Christmas tree.

Start with the Large Ornaments first!

The general rule of thumb is one of each ornament style per foot of tree, so if you're working with a 7 foot tree, you'll use 7 of each ornament. When placing the ornaments on the tree, envision small triangles to create balance and symmetry, and place the larger ornaments deep into the tree.

Add slightly Smaller Ornaments and Ribbons

Then move a size smaller to the ornaments and layer these ones down and out from the larger ornaments on the tree.

Have fun with Pops of Colored Ornaments

Have fun with pops of color and find ornaments that have an irregular shape to create texture in your tree and place these where they can nicely dangle. I saved these smaller clear & red ornaments for the upper part to create balance.

Add the Finishing Touches

Take a step back and make sure the tree doesn't look overwhelmed with ornaments, allow the shape of the tree to show through. And finally, add a gorgeous star tree topper & elegant tree skirt. I hope these tips & tricks help you create a tree that is truly magical & memorable for your family this holiday season!



For more tips & tricks on picking the perfect tree, check out this post from last year.

Happy Holidays!

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