How I Organize my Pantry...

How I Organize my Pantry...

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Since we are all home and on an organizing kick right now, I have had lots of requests to show how I keep my home organized.

For me, clutter adds stress so being organized, especially with two littles and one on the way is important to me! I know so many of you mamas feel the same way! Per your request, here are my pantry organizers linked in one place.

Containers for Organization:



Tight Seal Containers: I keep my crackers, pasta, rice, mixes and cereal in my tight seal containers. They keep your food fresh and again, you can see exactly what you have! Also looks beautiful on your shelf!

Lazy Susan: These are great to keep spices, oils and even cans! I keep all my spices on my Lazy Susan.

Can Dispenser: I think these are actually meant for soda pop cans in your fridge but I use them for all my canned food.

Baskets: I keep things like food coloring, specialty candy, cookie cutters, items I don’t use everyday in these.

Glass Jars: I keep food we use the most frequently in my glass jars. They look cute on your shelf but also are so convenient for easy access. I keep my pretzels, oatmeal, flour and sugar in these!

Snack Holders: I keep my fruit snacks, granola bars and apple sauce in these containers.


Other Pantry Items:

- Food Label Tags

- Food Label Holders

- Step Stool

- Knife Set

- Cheese Board

- Pizza Paddle

- Toaster


Paint info:

Cabinets: Dove Wing by Benjamin Moore

Door Color: Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore (paint gifted by Benjamin Moore)

Flooring Info: CementTileShop

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