Holiday Essentials Under $100 + Q&A...

Holiday Essentials Under $100 + Q&A...

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Happy Wednesday, everyone!!! With my Holiday Collection launching earlier this week I'm really getting into the Christmas spirit!! Today I thought I'd share with you guys some really cute holiday essentials all UNDER $100!!! A lot of these pieces sell out fast the closer we get to Christmas, so snag some now while you can ;)

And now for this week's Q&A...

You have a big family on both sides; do you all exchange holiday gifts or just keep it about the kids at this point?

Drew and I both come from big families!!! To keep it simple we draw names and have a price limit, then we get together for a Gift Exchange Night! It's always so fun to see who had who and what everyone got.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

My favorite Christmas tradition is for sure getting matching pajamas with my sister on Christmas Eve!! And now the cousins (our kids) all get matching pajamas too. I also love when my dad reads us the Christmas story from the Bible and we have a family talent show! I look froward to it every year!

What is your all-time favorite Christmas song?

I LOVE this version of Angels We Have Heard on High and Caroling, Caroling by Natalie Cole.

Do you have any healthier holiday sweet ideas?

Yes!!! I LOVE hot chocolate and I found one that's only 25 calories - SwissMiss Light! I'll be drinking this all season long!


Thanks so much for stopping by and big thanks to all of you who asked questions! Don't forget you can ask any question on any blog post and it just might be one of the questions I choose to answer for that week! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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