Perfect treat to beat the heat...

Perfect treat to beat the heat...

pp6 diy-chocolate-dipped-ice-cream-cones ice-cream-party pp2 icre-cream-sprinkles-pp7 ice-cream-party-1 hersheys-syrup-2 diy-ice-cream-bar pp3 pp5 pp66 pp pp22 pp88 pp33 pp55 pp11 hersheys-chocolate-bar-ice-cream pp77 pp9My sister and her family live across the street from me so we are constantly getting together and letting the kids play around (especially during the summer time). Most days we get together and lay on the trampoline, and let our kids play and jump around. Isla and Cannon (Emily's little boy) are the same age, so they are the best of friends. Capri, my niece who is 4, likes to boss them both around ;) I'm so grateful for those long summer days that are spent outside making memories and sharing ‘Hello Happy Moments’ with our family. Yesterday was the official arrival of summer! We had fun spending time outside, and hope you were able to soak up the summer sun, too.

The other day miss Isla Rose invited her cousins over to play around outside and to eat some ice- cream. This summer if you are hosting a play date, having family over, or even hosting a birthday party, an ice cream party is a great way to bring both kids and adults (together to create some summer memories, fun and happy moments (plus it's easy to throw together).

To make the sprinkle cones, I filled a big bowl with HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Chips and melted them in the microwave. Then, I dipped waffle cones (my favorite) in the melted chocolate and added sprinkles before putting them in the fridge to harden for a few hours. For the toppings, I created a DIY bar with HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate Bars, HERSHEY’S Chocolate Syrup (of course, an ice-cream staple), strawberries, colorful sprinkles, whipped cream and some nuts! I also used some colorful paper ice-cream cups and mini wooden spoons, which made it easy for clean-up. As you can see from these photos it was a hit with the kiddies!

It’s easy to get caught up in life’s routines, but it’s the moments like these with family and friends that are meant to be cherished for years to come. How are you planning to kick-off the start to summer with family?


xo, Rach

Brought to you by The Hershey Company Photos by Lindsey Orton.
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