Working Mama…

Working Mama…

pink-peonies-1hersheys-cocoa hersheys-cocoa-1 white-marble-traditional-kitchenToday I'm excited to be partnering with HERSHEY’S in preparation for ‘Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day’ tomorrow, April 28th! I have a unique work situation and am blessed to be able to work from almost anywhere as long as I have a camera and computer with me, whether I’m home with Isla and Dash or on vacation with my family.

Lately Isla's favorite thing to do is crawl EVERYWHERE and play with blocks! Last week we had fun painting these blocks and she has been playing with them nonstop (download this PDF for DIY blocks and my mom's homemade brownie recipe!). I love having Isla Rose and Dash playing at my feet while I work so these blocks have been perfect to occupy her while I work! They’re also perfect if you’re a parent of young children, and need an activity to entertain your child in a new environment or one they’re not quite used to (read: with you at work, anywhere out of the house).

Whenever we need a break we stop to have a little snack. My favorite treat during this pregnancy so far has been chocolate (and let’s be honest, it’s always been a favorite but I love it even more when I’m pregnant ;). Growing up, my mom always made these delicious homemade brownies that call for HERSHEY’S Cocoa and I give Isla a few tiny bites and she always opens her mouth for more (but I have to keep a close eye on her so she doesn’t give any to the fur brother! And she honestly has more fun making a mess and spreading the frosting everywhere rather than eating it!). While she’s little now, I’m excited to continue the tradition of enjoying my mom’s recipe together as Isla grows up and can start helping too.

I have such a passion for everything I do, especially the last year working to launch my clothing line! It’s easy to get caught up in life’s everyday moments – from running errands to small and large work tasks (at times those can seem endless!). But my very favorite thing in the world is to be a mom so no matter how crazy my day gets I always take time to be with Isla!!! Always remember it’s good to take a break, remind yourself that happiness is a choice and that we all should not let the day go by without a special “Hello Happy Moment.”

xo, Rach

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