Happy Third Birthday to My Isla Rose...

Happy Third Birthday to My Isla Rose...

Happy third Birthday to my beautiful Isla Rose!!!!!!

I can't believe my {first} baby is THREE!! It truly feels like yesterday we were awaiting her arrival. I am so incredibly blessed I get to be here mama. She is sweet, kind, funny, spunky, tender and loving.

The other day we were at Chick-fil-a and I was watching the kids play in the play-place through the big glass windows. Isla Rose spotted a baby girl who was by far the youngest one in there, maybe 10 months old. Isla Rose randomly stopped playing and walked up to her and gently rubbed her back and her head and said hello to her in the sweetest little voice. She didn't realize I was watching but the mom of the ten month old smiled and mouthed to her friend how sweet and out of the blue Isla's hello to her daughter was. That's my Isla Rose. Always watching out for her little brother, hugging me if I need a hug, helping her cousins. She is Innately tender and loving.

A few fun facts about Isla Rose that I always want to remember so I’m documenting it here-

° Favorite food: currently it's strawberries and still "Chick-A-Lay" ° Favorite activity: Jumping on the tramp, coloring with her dot markers/crayons or stacking and organizing things. ° Favorite things to say: "brother bear" | "I not beautiful, I gorgeous" | "Mama! I Sky!" (sky from paw patrol) | "I not like that" (about her clothes, she's so picky when it comes to choosing out outfits). °Favorite movie: Finding Nemo ° Favorite song: Thunder by Imagine Dragons and I love to see the Temple

To my sweet Isla Rose, mama loves you. You light up our lives and bring so much joy! To know you is to love you. Happy Birthday my love!

xo, mama

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