Happy First Birthday To My Jackson...

Happy First Birthday To My Jackson...


Happy first birthday to my Jackson!!!!!! This year went by SO FAST! I swear time keeps going faster and faster. Sometimes I wish it would slow down so I could soak in every second (and then some) of my babies! Having two babies under two has been my most rewarding challenge, but being their mama is my favorite thing in the world! My Jackson brings me so much joy.

A few fun facts about Jackson that I always want to remember so I'm documenting it here-

He is a speed-demon! He crawls (sooo fast) everywhere and gets into everything (so different than Isla when she was his age). He is my adventure boy who loves to climb on things and he can already climb up the stairs AND pull himself up onto chairs and sofas (eeeek!). He also took FIVE steps by himself yesterday!!!! Papa has been working on walking with him.

He is vacuum when it comes to food, the growing boy can't get enough of it. He sits in his highchair and screams until he has something to shovel in his mouth as fast as he can-- then screams again until there's more. Eggs, blueberries and Cheerios are his favorites right now!

To my Jackson, mama loves you and I feel honored and blessed to be your mama. You light up a room with your bright eyes and wide smile. Happy Birthday handsome guy!

xo, mama

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