Happy Easter!...

The Parcell family has a tradition of going to Vegas every Easter weekend to hold an Easter sunrise service. Carol's family is from Vegas so it's like a big family reunion for them. The tradition started around 20 years ago when Grampsie Zobrist (Carols dad) started getting his children and grandchildren up at the crack of dawn (5:00 A.M.) to watch the sunrise on Easter morning, symbolism to the savior rising again. Drew has told me of all the fun childhood memories he has taken from this family tradition which include climbing up a mountain, getting stuck on the mountain and I'm sure many more mischievous memories with his cousins that I probably don't even want to know about ;) I feel so blessed to officially be apart of this amazing family tradition, it's the 2nd year for me but last year Richard, Carol's brother, threatened to cut me out of the family picture if Drew and I didn't hurry and get married haha. This Easter holiday was such an amazing weekend with amazing family!

Carol's birthday lunch

Ceasars Palace looking for the Nike store, it was closed, Walt, Drew and Tyler were sooo sad!

Sneak peak into the Parcell family in about two years! Thanks Rycker for being our baby model

Drew LOVES his muscle milk!

Why do I always find these two asleep cuddled up, it melts my heart every time!

Hanging with uncle Drew, we love baby Rycker!

Just chillin by the pool, it looks like Rycker is crying but he has a huge smile on his little face. He is the happiest baby I have ever seen.

Drew teasing Jett again... sorry Heath ;)

Bryn and Pais playin by the pool, I love both their little swimsuits!

Paisley stole my purse to play store with Brynley, they had my costco card out pretending to buy Grannybirds stuffed animals, Paisley almost fell over a couple time, that purse is as big as she is so hilarious!

The Easter bunny came to visit Drew

Drew's new Easter outfit

Sunrise service

Paisley and Drew are best buds, I love it!

Grannybird and her kids except Mark and Linda who are on a mission

Paisley asleep on Drew's lap again... She was out the whole sacrament meeting so adorable

Hope you all had as fun of Easter as I did!!

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