Guide to picking out the perfect Christmas tree...

Guide to picking out the perfect Christmas tree...

Okay ladies, one of the questions I get ask the most during this time of the year is where my Christmas trees are from! Everyone seems to love them and for a great reason. They really end up looking so magical once they are all decorated and glowing with the lights on. Since it's almost time to start getting your holiday decor up, I wanted to do a Christmas tree guide if you ladies are in the market for a new tree.

We are adding one tree in our entry way this year so I've been doing a lot of tree research! I love having trees in all of my different rooms of my house. I have decided to give you a little buying guide below to a few of my favorite Christmas trees and the pros and cons to each. I hope this gives you enough time to decide on the perfect tree for your home and turn your space into a Christmas wonderland! Read below for why these trees made my top 5 list!

-Guidelines to picking out your perfect tree-

Examine your space and determine if you need a more narrow tree or if you can fit a tree that is wider.

Decide which style looks best with your current decor or current ornaments. You shouldn’t have to change all of your decor to accommodate your tree!

Make sure you know the height of your ceilings and purchase a tree that is at least 1 foot shorter.

Pick a tree that makes you happy and enjoy decorating it!

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-Balsam Hill- Pro: My friend has this tree and she swears by it! My mom has also had this tree for 3 years and loves it!! They offer a patended technology where if one light goes out, the rest will remain lit!! BH trees are the closest to a real looking tree you can find and the quality is amazing! Con: They are super expensive but they are very high quality so from what I've heard from all my friends who have a BH tree, the quality justifies the price. -Wayfair- Pro: I purchase this tree nearly 5 years ago and it's been a constant favorite. I purchased it from a local wholesale decor shop who has since gone out of business. I found the same exact tree on Wayfair and it's currently on sale. I love this tree and have it in multiple sizes. I 100% recommend this tree. It's even beautiful without any ornaments on it. Con: It does shed, especially while you're setting it up and decorating it. However, once its fluffed decorating it's not that bad. Even with the little shedding it does once it's set-up and decorated it's worth it! My favorite!! -King of Christmas- Pro: This is another tree that was recommended by a friend. It looks beautiful in all of the videos and images I've seen of it so I reached out to them for more information on their trees. They are sending me their 12 foot, which I'm so excited about and they offered me a 10% off code to share with all of you! RACHPARCELL Con: It's flocked so there will be a little bit of shedding. -Real- Pro: We put a real fraiser fir tree in our family room last year and it was magical. It smelled amazing and just looked so authentic and classic. Con: You need to water it daily and it will start to shed the longer you have it. You will need to throw it out after and buy a new tree next year.


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