Growing old?...

Growing old?...
Jacket: Forever 21, Tank & Pearls & Belt: J.Crew, Pants: J. Brand, Watch: Michael Kors,
Shoes: Steve Madden, Lipstick: Rebel by Mac, Hair: Sock bun
Yesterday I was at Harmon's picking up some lettuce and avocados for dinner. When I got to the check
stand there were two teenage boys {probably 17-18} working the register.

When it was my turn to check out, one of the boys said, "Hi ma'am, how are you today?"
I thought that was a little odd that this boy would call me ma'am,
After all, were kind of the same age, right?!
Nope, guess they didn't think so...
As I was leaving the other boy said, "Have a great day ma'am."
Thanks...I think?

As I was about to get in my car I heard a {teenage boy voice} yelling.. lady, lady, lady!!
I decided to turn around to see what the yelling was all about and to my surprise the "lady"he was
yelling for was me.

I have never thought of myself as a "lady" or "ma'am"
But I guess the teenagers are way too cool for me now and I'm just the old lady who forgot
her avocados at the check stand. Great I'm loosing my memory too.

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


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