Fourth of July weekend...

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I love when July fourth turns into a weekend holiday not just a one day holiday! We got home from Lake Powell on Saturday around 4:00, got ready and headed to the stadium of fire. I have gone to the stadium of fire with my family sense I can remember and I'm glad the Parcell's have the same tradition.

We rode the vespa over so we wouldn't have to park miles away, and don't you just LOVE my festive shades!!

David Archuleta had on a plaid blue, red and white shirt, similar to the man in the background behind me. After David was through singing Drew turns to me and says look there's David Archuleta. When I turned I totally thought it was him because of the matching shirt and hair. I never thought I was much of a fan of his but when I turned around and saw what I thought was David I was a little star stuck. Drew got a good laugh out of that.

As the American flag was being flown into the stadium, the choir was singing "I'm proud to be an American" I must admit I was getting teary eyed thinking of all the freedoms we enjoy in this country and how blessed I am to live here. Yes, I was feeling very patriotic...

...until the parachute man was too early on his landing and totally knocked a guy out, then I was just trying not to pee my pants haha

(look close, you can see the knocked out man)

The cute stadium of fire dancers, I was once one of them myself

I get chills every year when the F16's fly over the stadium. It was one of my favorite things of the night

I know how they got Brad Paisley and David Archuleta to come to the Stadium of Fire but how did they get Jimmer?! ;)

Brad Paisley!! I have a crush!

Me and the Rycks man!

Rycker looks so much like Drew it's crazy, they are so cute!

The firework show was amazing as always

The morning of the fourth Drew was planning on running the 10k with Walt, Tay and Kates but we all bailed because we were so exhausted from the previous nights celebrations. Instead we settled on just going to the parade but that didn't happen either, 8:00 a.m. was still too early, so instead we woke up around 11:00 and went golfing with Walt, Carol, Tyelr, Jenica and Kates and had a blast!!

Drew concentrating on his swing...

I love this picture, I have the hottest husband!!

Getting ready to hit my hot pink golf ball that Drew got me!!

After a fun round of golf we went to the Parcell's to have a barbeque! We made kabobs that were to die for and then the real fun began. Drew took the kiddies to look for the box of stashed fireworks in the garage and they found more than a box!

Drew helping the kids with the poppers

Brynn and Pais!

Katelyn obviously grew up in a home with brothers, I would never go and light a bottle rocket in the street myself

Drew having a little to much fun...

...who does fireworks on grass??

By my facial expression I guess I was a little nervous to pull the popper

We had such a great holiday, but I missed my family! My mom and Megs were in NYC for nationals and the rest were at the ranch. Hopefully next year we'll all be together for this fun holiday!

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