Fitness Favorites and Routine...

Fitness Favorites and Routine...

^^12 week transformation

... ^^Left BBG Week 1 | Middle BBG Week 7 | Right BBG week 24

...^^Nov 2016 vs. Nov 2017

...^^Shoes: Nike (more colors here and a lot are on sale!)

...^^Sports Bra: Target (my favorite) | Crops: Lulu from like 4 years ago (similar style here) | Shoes: Nikes (my favorite)


Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend which I'm extra excited about because it's my birthday on Sunday! I can't wait to celebrate with my family!! Someone asked me how old I was turning the other day and I had to go back and count. I'm losing track! I never thought I would be that person who forgets how old they are but I couldn't remember if I was turning 26 or 27 this year haha!


I thought I would give a little fitness update and share some of my favorite fitness items since so many of you have shared your stories with me and have been messaging me about BBG, the workout program I've been doing since May.

Ok, so I'm sure you've all seen these but above I included some of my progress photos I've taken through this journey. I started with the classic BBG program on the Sweat app and I'm currently on my fourth round (or BBG 2.0). On Monday Kayla the creator is starting her twelve week challenge with the community of women who follow her program. If you're looking to start, now is the perfect time with the challenge!! I'm starting the BBG Stronger program on Monday which focuses a little more on weight resistance training to build more muscle. Now that I shed off all the baby weight I want to tone up a little bit more. However, if you're first starting I would start with the classic BBG and once you finish the 12 weeks re-evaluate and see if you want to keep going to 2.o or try the Stronger or PWR program.

You can download PDF's of Kayla's workouts or you can purchase the App. I would highly recommend downloading the Sweat app, you can also find it on her website here. You can track your progress, time your workouts, watch Kayla do the moves so you know exactly what to do and she has a food section full of recipes as well! Another fun feature on the app are the challenges. Each week she has a challenge you can complete as an extra to your planned workouts. I just started adding the challenges in about a month ago and have noticed such a difference. I've loved it!! so good for me mentally and physically! The app is definitely worth it!

These and these are my favorite shoes to workout in. I have them in like five different colors haha. Drew thinks I'm ridiculous but I always snag them on sale and they are so comfortable. The top of them feel more like socks than shoes and the bottom part is so cushiony. I hurt the heels of my feet really bad when I was in high school. I danced on the dance team and in the routine I was supposed to do a round off back tuck. I landed my tuck on my heels super hard and ever since my heels are still so sensitive and start to ached sometimes. These shoes are the only ones that my heels don't hurt in and they move so well. You can shop them on Nords (love this color too) or Nike!

I also mentioned this but right now I'm drinking half of my weight in ounces of water a day. My favorite water bottle I use is this CamelBak. It's holds more ounces and I love the color!! Also I can down the water way faster with the straw!

I find all my healthy recipes for all of my meals from the nutrition section on the Sweat app, Fitness Carli's meal plan and Clean Simple Eats. My favorite app for counting calories is Lose it! I'm big into counting but it's such a personal preference; it's a game to me and I'm such a numbers person so I love to hit my numbers. I have to count because I realized a lot of times I was under eating and I didn't even realize it. Or I wouldn't eat anything all day because I got busy and then I would eat a massive dinner that wasn't healthy. I am now nourishing my body and giving it everything it needs instead of depriving. I would not consider it a diet at all either, more of a lifestyle change that's sustainble and I actually eat more frequently now than I did before I started this health kick.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any other questions!!

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