Fighting the Daily Aging Process....

Fighting the Daily Aging Process....

When I start to think about all of the daily exposure my skin has to pollutants and how quickly you can start to age from stress and fatigue it only makes me want to continue to be as proactive as I can.

As I have gotten older I have really tried to start preventing the aging process of my skin instead of worrying about it later once the damage has already been done. One of my favorite skincare companies, Vichy Laboratoires, has come out with an amazing new product to help fight that aging process and I am so excited to share with you ladies.

It is called LiftActiv Peptide-C anti aging moisturizer, and it fights all of the things that I worry about. Our skin constantly loses collagen as we age, due to both biological aging and the fact our skin is attacked daily by pollution, stress, fatigue, and UV damage. This LiftActiv Peptide-C anti aging moisturizer features plant-based phyto Peptides, which are key in helping build collagen back up and fight aging. This is how you get that firm, bouncy, healthy skin again! Also, the Vitamin C in this anti aging moisturizer is one of the key ingredients to brighten and firm the skin. What makes this even better is the addition of Vichy’s exclusive Mineralizing Water, born in the depth of the French volcanos, and clinically proven to fortify and protect the skin against all daily aggressors.

When I read about the cocktail of dermatologist grade ingredients in this product I wanted to give it a try with all the benefits it gives your skin. It smells amazing, I love the packaging and love how fresh my skin felt after using it. LiftActiv Peptide-C delivers improved skin tonicity and visible firmness after just 1 day of use.

Vichy is letting me share a promo code with all of you so that you can get 20% off and free shipping on all orders, so you can experience this #PurePeptidePower for yourself! Use code: RACH19 at checkout on!


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