Fearless Founding Females

Fearless Founding Females

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International Women's month is a great opportunity to learn about and support women-owned businesses in our communities. My team helped me reach out to several women business leaders in Utah who inspire me for a photoshoot in celebration of their accomplishments. Ready to be inspired? Keep scrolling to read about these remarkable women! 

Linden Baker: Fairkind Founder & CEO 

Fairkind founder, Linden Baker in Rachel Parcell blue lace dress

In 2016, Linden started her business working with artisan groups around the world to design unique handcrafted collections. Fairkind works with master artisans in countries like Uganda, Tunisia and Peru to bring luxury handmade goods to customers' homes. Over the years, Fairkind has provided work for more than 3,000 artisans around the world, placing a priority on fair trade standards and paying artisans premium prices for their skills. After getting started in the B2B space, Linden launched an online store in 2020 to bring these handcrafted goods directly to consumers. In 2022, Linden was recognized on the Forty Under 40 list by Utah Business.

Jenni Kaufusi: Owner of Stella and Haas Jewelry 

Stella and Haas owner, Jenni Kaufusi in Rachel Parcell black satin wrap dress

^^ Jenni Kaufusi wearing Rachel Parcell Black Satin Wrap Dress

Jenni Kaufusi is the owner of the jewelry brand, Stella and Haas. Stella and Haas is a high-quality, affordable jewelry and accessories brand focused on inclusivity. Jenni created her brand because she wanted to see more representation as a business owner in Utah. Jenni had big dreams and achieved them. Stella and Haas jewelry really took off after being featured in her role model, Oprah's, "Favorite Things" in 2020. She said after that, her life completely changed. 

Dr. Julie Hanks: Therapist, LDS Change-maker 

Dr. Julie Hanks wearing Rachel Parcell black floral dress

Dr. Julie Hanks is a fierce advocate for women, especially in the LDS religion. To many women, Dr. Julie Hanks is the "Young Women's Leader they wish they had." She challenges harmful stereotypes of LDS beliefs of modesty and women's roles within The Church. Dr. Julie Hanks evolved over time as she saw the power of social media to influence and educate others. Dr. Julie Hanks's therapy clinic, Wasatch Family Therapy is a premier mental health clinic in Utah with four locations was founded in 2002. It is her mission to educate and empower young women to prioritize their dreams, revolutionize their families, personalize their faith. 

Elise Ellison Rooney: Model Coach & Owner of REM BLAIR

Modeling Coach and REM BLAIR founder, Elise Ellison wearing Rachel Parcell ruched dress and Rachel Parcell corded lace trench coat in dusty rose

^^ Elise Ellison wearing Rachel Parcell Corded Lace Trench Coat in Dusty Rose

After a successful modeling career, Elise wanted to share what she learned about confidence and loving herself, then becoming a model coach. Elise's favorite part about her business is that Elise's "why" for her business is "seeing the joy in herself and seeing joy in others". Her most recent project is a brand created with her sisters, REM BLAIR. REM BLAIR is a chic and sustainable swimwear company focused on self-love, and confidence. 

Jenny Hart: Luxury Nail Artist

Luxury Nail Artist, Jenny Hart wearing Rachel Parcell black floral dress

Jenny Hart was born and raised in Cambodia, however she and her family were Vietnamese refugees who moved to Cambodia after the Vietnam war. She moved to the US as a teenager and she had no idea what life in America would be like. She got into nails but wanted to push herself further. Jenny wanted to be the best she could be, to not be stuck doing the same thing everyday—rushing people in and out for every set of nails. She wanted to "change the nails industry one set of nails at a time." Jenny decided to trust her instincts, and follow her dream to start her own business. 

She took many different classes across the US to improve her skill set. Jenny was determined to offer only the best quality in every set of nails, and not only use the best products, but truly put her whole heart and soul into it. Four years later, Jenny has over 200 clientele and has built her own empire, The Real Glam By Jenny. She loves what she does, being able to create, and be a happy part of someone’s day! 

Fatima: Blogger - Style Fit Fatty 

Blogger, Fatima Dedrickson wearing Rachel Parcell black lace dress

Style Fit Fatty is a community for women to be a part of a group and provide a place to talk about anything and everything. Fatima's "why" is unity. She wants people to go to her page and feel seen, less alone, and to know that we are more alike than we are unalike."

Miya Jensen: Genealogist - The Polynesian Genealogist 

Genealogist, Miya Jensen wearing Rachel Parcell pink sweater dress

The Polynesian Genealogist helps families and individuals connect to their ancestors of the Moana. Miya says, "you can't truly know who you are or where you're going unless you know where you come from." Miya was inspired to start her work because she noticed a huge gap in the genealogy industry to help Pacifika people. In addition to her career as a genealogist, Miya has a podcast, Tala Mo Le Mo, which means "story for sleep" in Polynesian. In Miya's podcast, she tells Oceania history stories for children and their families to listen to as bedtime stories. 

Danielle Estrada: Makeup Artist

Celebrity Makeup artist, Danielle Estrada wearing Rachel Parcell yellow lace dress

Danielle is a self-taught celebrity, bridal, and event makeup artist. Danielle always had a passion for makeup and started her Instagram account. Her business took off from there. Danielle's celebrity client list includes Bad Bunny, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Whitney Rose. She loves being able to make women and men feel their best. The opportunity to enhance people's natural beauty is what inspires her. 

Megan Faulkner Brown: Founder of The Sweet Tooth Fairy

Megan Faulkner Brown, owner of Sweet Tooth Fairy

Megan Faulkner Brown, founder of The Sweet Tooth Fairy, embraced the foundations of baking and entrepreneurship simultaneously, and at an early age.
Some of Brown's earliest memories are of sitting at the kitchen counter helping her mom make cookies. From her mother, Megan learned exactly what color chocolate chip cookies should be when they emerge from the oven, and how a tasty treat can bring a smile to any face. From her father, Megan gleaned an entrepreneurial spirit and the courage to pursue lofty ambitions.

From the perfect mixture of these philosophies emerged The Sweet Tooth Fairy, a gourmet bake shop that has quickly become one of the most beloved companies in the Rocky Mountain region.

Deemed by Food Network's Cupcake Wars as one of the country's most accomplished bakers, Megan not only has battled and won their competition, but she also has 5 retail bakeries located in Utah.

 Rachel Parcell International Women's Day photoshoot group photo with all women entrepreneurs mentioned in post (not pictured" Megan Faulkner Brown, owner of "Sweet Tooth Fairy")

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