Father's Day Gift Guide...

Father's Day Gift Guide...

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Father's Day is coming up so soon and I wanted to prepare a little gift guide of items that any husband, dad, or grandfather would love! If you are in my family or have my same type of family dynamic, you know that the men always put the women first just because they love and respect us. They will usually always put our wants before their own. For Father's Day I like to do something very special to show that we care about them just as much. I like a gift that is more of a grand gesture and is something that they would use a lot. I have rounded up some of my favorite ideas below!

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APL Sneakers - When a guy can wear a pair of sneakers for more than just working out they are very grateful! I know that I don't want Drew running around town in worn out gross tennis shoes, so a pair of APLs is just the perfect gift. He can wear them to work out and can also wear them with a pair of shorts in the summer time and still look stylish!

Grilling Set - Men are always appreciative of some new grilling tools. A nice set of grilling utensils makes their outdoor cooking experience that much more enjoyable!

Weekender Duffle Bag - When men travel they usually can pack pretty light! A carry on duffle is sometimes al they need for a flight or even just a little road trip. Getting them a nice travel bag is always a great gift option. It's even something they can take with them to the gym as a gym bag!

Men's Body Wash - This may not be a gift that every guy loves, but there are some men that really love to use a good body wash that makes them smell fresh out of the shower. Drew loves the Jack Black all in one wash and shampoo from Nordstrom and we always keep it stocked. Find a body wash that you both love them smell of and your guy will develop his own signature scent! :)

Cologne - Who doesn't like their husband to smell nice? Cologne is such an easy gift idea that any man will appreciate!

Toiletries/Shaving Bag - A classic and sleek toiletries case is something that a man usually doesn't buy for himself. It's perfect to store his shaving kit in or to take his essentials with him on a trip.

Apple Watch - Whether your husband or dad is very into fitness and likes to track their workouts, or is simply just busy and likes the convenience of technology, the Apple Watch is the perfect gift. It is classy looking and has so many functions that make daily life easier!

Air Pods - These have been the best new headphone out there! They are so small and sleek that they are super easy to take with you everywhere. Whether they take them on a flight or just use them while getting work done to talk on their phone or listen to music, they are a dad approved favorite these days!

Shaving Kit - Grooming is just a normal part of a man's daily routine, but just like us women and our love for beauty products, they like to enjoy the process as well! A good shaving kit is something a guy of any age will always love!

A New Tie - A polished look is always topped off with the right tie. A guy can never have too many!

Saint Laurent Wallet - When it comes to a wallet I usually like to splurge a little. This is something that a man uses literally every day of his life. A nice wallet usually wears very well and will last them a long time. This Saint Laurent wallet is a very classy option and will make your husband feel special!

A Nice Shirt - Men usually have that staple shirt in their closet that they can't get enough of. Grab a couple of new colors in their favorite shirt and that is a gift that will get a lot of use!

Traeger Grill - There are not many husbands and dads that don't like to grill! This smoker is one of the best ones out there and there are so many delicious and unique recipes that you can create in the Traeger that every man instantly LOVES to cook when they have one. This is a win for everyone in the family because of the delicious meals that will be prepared! :)


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