Fall {ing for} beauty..

Fall {ing for} beauty..

Posted by Rachel Parcell on

In the beauty department for fall, I'm loving bright gold eyes, bronzy checks, deep red lips and
emerald colored nails.

Picture 1: Designer
Picture 2: Non-Designer

You'll notice stars next to certain products that appear in both boards. I did this
because as nice as it is to save money on makeup by buying the non-designer brands, there are always
the essentials that are better to splurge on than save.

1. Liquid Foundation: I have found that I get prettier, more even skin {I tend to breakout if I don't use
the expensive stuff} when I use designer foundation. It is worth the extra money! Don't feel guilty
for splurging on your foundation.

2. {or 5} Gel Liner: I love to use gel liner because it gives a more dramatic look, lasts all day long
and doesn't smudge. I have never found a cheaper gel liner that I like better than MAC {Bobbi Brown
has great gel liner too} If your looking for a bold, precise line to make your eyes stand out, splurge on the liner!

3. {or 7} Lip Liner: When you're rocking a statement lip that stands out, it's so important to have a clean precise line
on the outside of the lips or it tends to look a little messy and smudgy. MAC liner is my
very favorite and a definite MUST when your wearing bold colors {I never wear lipstick without liner} so splurge away!

4. {or 8} Eye Shadow: Shadow like the Bobbi Brown palette is worth every penney! A little goes a long way and it creates a
better color on the actual eye, lasts a lot longer too. Splurge? Oh Yes!

1. NARS: Sheer Glow Foundation 2. Bare Essentials: Warmth 3. Bobbi Brown: Shimmer Brick 4. Trish Mcevoy: Instant Eyelift Concealer 5. MAC: Fluidline 6. Chanel: Rivoli Rouge Coco 7. MAC: Beet Liner 8. Bobbi Brown: Tortise Shell Bronze Eye Palette 9. MAC: False Lashes Mascara 10. Illamasqua: Viridian Polish 11. Nordstrom: Kate Spade Makeup Case


1. NARS: Sheer Glow Foundation 2. Maybelline: Mineral Powder 3. Beauty Treat:Shimmer Brick 4. Maybelline: Concealer 5. MAC:Fluidline 6. Revlon: Blackberry lipstick 7. MAC: Beet Liner 8. Bobbi Brown: Tortise Shell Bronze Eye Palette 9. Covergirl:Lash Blast 10. Revlon: Emerald City Polish 11.Bombay Duck: Glitte Makeup Case

Now you have a makeup bag full for fall with a few splurges and a few steals!!


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