Effortlessly Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescape Idea...

Effortlessly Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescape Idea...


Thanksgiving is exactly one week away so I wanted to give you some ideas for a tablescape if you're hosting next week at your home!!

I threw together a table-scape yesterday that looks totally thought-out and fancy but it was actually super quick and I had most everything at home!!

If you're hosting dinner on Thanksgiving there is one thing you are definitely going to go out and buy and that is food! Yes, we want to make everything look pretty when we host but next week skip going to the flower shop! Use your food as your centerpiece and go on a walk around your neighborhood to find dried leaves and twigs to sprinkle across your table!

All of these ideas make for a effortlessly beautiful AND functional tablescape that your guests will enjoy (literally)!! Oh and it can be done for under $100!!

Here's what you'll need:

For the Centerpiece::
  • Mason Jars (I used a total of 6 for the centerpiece, three different sizes; 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz.)
  • Cream Candles for the 6 mason jars.
  • Leaves and twigs (I found mine around my neighborhood).
  • Wood Cutting Board (I already had this one that's vintage, if you don't have a board I definitely recommend investing in one. I use mine all the time!!).
  • Assorted Cheeses (Brie is my favorite) crackers, fruits and honey. I always look on Pinterest before I go to the grocery store and find pretty cheese boards use those as inspiration as what to get for mine.
  • Pies (store bought or homemade, I didn't have time to do homemade pies yesterday so I bought two pumpkin pies at the store, moved it to my own glass pie dishes and then made my favorite homemade pie crust and used my Williams Sonoma pie crust cutters to add the leaves to the top of the pie and baked it).
For the Tabletop::

If you are hosting and use any of these tips, tag me in your posts on Instagram so I can see your gorgeous tablescapes next week!! Hope these tips inspired some fun ideas!!

Photos by Paige Nicolle
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