This Easter I won't be hosting dinner, but I wanted to create a little something that we could enjoy in our home all weekend long. I love floral arrangements, so I thought I would put one together and give you a few tips for making your own. It is such an easy way to dress up any room or table scape. Read over my tips below and let me know if you have any more!


My tips:

Always get one extra bunch. You usually need more than you think.

Place flowers in water as soon as you get home. Using warm water helps to open up flowers that aren't fully opened yet.

Trim all the leaves off that would be submerged in the water. The leaves carry bacteria and will make your water go bad faster. If you keep leaves, just make sure they’re the top leaves.

Cut the stem at an angle and be sure to cut at least one full inch off of the bottom of the stems.

Start at base of vase and work your way up. I start with my entire bottom layer then move up to next layer until it’s all filled in.

If using various types of flowers, add large, heavy flowers first and then add the lighter and airy blooms to fill the spaces between.

Include flowers with various stem lengths.

Make sure to keep your flowers away from direct sunlight and heating vents. You can also recut the stems and add water often to keep them looking fresh and lasting longer!

I hope you all enjoy your Easter weekend with your families and friends!

Happy Easter ladies!!


If you live in Utah, some of my favorite places to get flowers are below.


Trader Joe's



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