DYI lashes...

DYI lashes...

Posted by Rachel Parcell on

The recent beauty trend is, no not red lips I know you were thinking it, LONG lashes and what do long lashes = ?

lot and lots of $$$

Especially when you have to upkeep the little suckers every 3-4 weeks if your getting lash extensions or if you purchase magical $100 formula in a bottle that makes your lashes grow longer.

Well ladies, I have a little secret to share with you (or maybe it's not a secret and I'm not as cool as I think)

If you want long lashes for a fraction of the price that are still natural looking the secret's out: go to Sally's and buy HALF (the secret is half) lashes for all of maybe $7.00. While your at it, buy a package of individual lashes to round out the look, for again maybe $7.00

The half lash goes from the outer corner to about the middle of your eye and blends in amazing! As you can see they added some individual lashes to the corners and lower lashes of the models eye but if your not patient enough to add the individuals (like me) just throw some mascara on the lower and inner corner lashes. Works like a charm.

So there you have it, gorgeous long lashes that every girl will be jealous of not only because they look so amazing, but because your also wearing a cute new shirt with the money you saved because you DIY.

How to:

I have dark lashes so I have found, through the many fake eyelash experiences I've encountered being a dancer, that the dark glue looks the most natural and blends the best. If you're a brunette or have dark lashes I would invest in a tube of dark lash glue. You can find it at Sally's.

Step 1:
Squeeze a drop of glue on counter then take a bobby pin, earring, etc. and draw a thin line of glue on the lash strip. Blow on strip while the glue settles (you don't want glue too wet when you put your lash on or it won't stick, a little glue goes a long way)

Step 2:
Grab your tweezers. This will help the application process. Pick up lash with tweezers (close your tweezer next to the false lash line where glue is)

Step 3:
Place lash strip on (using tweezer) starting at middle of eye and ending at the outer corner. Let dry.

Finish it off:
To finish your new lash look, add individual lashes to the inside corner of eye using the same tweezer method or use mascara.


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