Day two {chocolate dipped candy canes}...

Posted by Rachel Parcell on

Chocolate dipped candy canes are a fun {+ easy} Christmas activity to do with the family and
they also make a great {cheap} neighbor or family gift.
You'll Need:
Chocolate chips {both white and dark}
Candy canes {any kind work}
Floral foam
Wax paper or tin foil

Step One:
Begin by melting {dark} chocolate chips on a LOW {I set mine to the very lowest} heat setting

Step Two:
Unwrap Candy canes at the top until half way down
{you want to keep plastic covering on the bottom for when you stick the candy canes into the floral foam}

Step Three:
Once the chocolate has completely melted, dip the top of your candy cane into the melted chocolate

Step Four:
Shake off any excess chocolate and stick into floral foam, once your foam is filled, place candy canes
into the fridge for about ten minutes or until the chocolate is firm

Step Five:
Melt {white} chocolate on a LOW heat setting, once chocolate has completely melted, place
it into a small plastic bag and cut a small hole at one corner
{this will help you drizzle the white chocolate over the candy canes more effectively}

Step Six:
Once the chocolate on your candy cane has hardened, remove from fridge and place on either wax
paper or tin foil. Drizzle white chocolate over the dark chocolate

Step Seven:
Place candy canes back into the fridge for about five minutes while the white chocolate drizzle hardens

Gift Idea:
Wrap candy canes in cellophane bags or in a festive cardboard box {I bought my box at Michaels}
{Extra: use Picnik to create a card to go along with your chocolate dipped candy canes}

Happy Tuesday and happy chocolate dipping!!


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