Day 12 {Him+Her Fashion}...

Day 12 {Him+Her Fashion}...
Her: Turtle Neck: J.Crew Factory {only$24.50} / Top: J.Crew {similar style here and here} / Skirt: Zara {old} {similar style here} /
Belt: J.Crew {similar style here} / Tights+Socks: Target / Boots: Nordstrom / Necklaces: J.Crew + J.Crew Factory /
Him: Button up: Polo Outlet {similar style here} / Jacket: G.Star / Pants: Nordstrom / Boots: Nordstrom / Scarf: H&M /
I'm loving bright colors for the holidays, yes, but also for the up and coming new year!
In fact, I'm trying to fill my closet up with more items that resemble the colors in the Christmas lights,
Green especially! I'm totally loving everything and anything green. I'm also a little obsessed with
random pieces thrown together. In this look it's definitely random..but it works {in my opinion}.
Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Pair pieces together that are out side of the ordinary and see what happens.
Sometimes it totally works and it's a major success, sometimes it doesn't work at all... in those instances simply start over.

For your man, add a pop of color with a fun tie, cardigan or scarf {in this case}. Check
out my hubby's desert boots too, aren't they awesome?! I would recommend all you ladies purchase
some dessert boots for your men if they're in need of some new kicks. I'm loving gingham button ups for men as well,
and to my surprise, my husband LOVES both his gingham shirt and desert boots!
When my hubby agrees on the fashion choices I pick out for him, that is a success in my book!


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