Dash's Favorite Food...

Dash's Favorite Food...

We have been using The Farmer’s Dog for about a year now and I can’t even begin to tell you how much we love it. Dash was our first baby and is so loved by our entire family. Putting his health and happiness first, we decided to switch from regular dog food to a fresh diet with The Farmer’s Dog. The meals are convenient, tasty, and a huge investment in long term health.

The transition to The Farmer’s Dog was so easy. My dad just switched his dog to The Farmer’s Dog after he saw how much Dash was loving it too. To get started, I went on to their website and took their quiz. When you take your dogs' personalized quiz, The Farmer’s Dog then generates a plan consisting of three recipes with the ingredients listed out for each (no secrets!) We input some information about Dash (his dog breed, his weight, etc.) and from there they were able to create a pre-portioned meal that leaves him happy and satisfied.

What I love most about The Farmer's Dog is you can see and smell the actual ingredients in their food. Dash loves his turkey recipe! You can see the chickpeas, the carrots, the turkey and he gets so excited to eat! It looks nothing like traditional dog food -- because it’s real food made with real ingredients and not highly processed!

The Farmer's Dog makes it so easy to give Dash a healthy lifestyle. It’s made fresh and delivered right to your door. With our busy schedules, running a couple of businesses, and being a mom of 3 kids it has been so nice to have his food conveniently delivered. After a crazy day, I just grab a pack from the fridge, put it in his bowl and he is ready for dinner. I love that we found a food that Dash enjoys and benefits from. The Farmer’s Dog truly makes it so easy. I highly recommend it and it has Dash’s stamp of approval. Check out my stories or click HERE to learn more and get 60% off your order!! I know you will love it.

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