Closet Organization...

Closet Organization...

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Closet: IKEA | Leopard Armchair: One Kings Lane

^^ Blush Pink Votive: Alice Lane (similar style here)

^^ Sculpture: Global Views | Peace Sign Sculpture: Alice Lane | Flower Arrangement: NDI (similar style here) | Candles: Jo Malone and diptyque

^^ Jewelry Box: Aerin (same color different style here)

Pillows: Alice Lane (similar style here, here, here and here) | Throw Blanket: Horchow


Now that we're moved in to our new home and starting to get settled I'm gearing up to start doing reveal posts of each room. We're still waiting on a few straggler pieces to show up before we shoot everything but as soon as they show up I promise we will get each room photographed to share. Thank you for following along our building journey so closely! I can't wait to show you guys each space all finished! The first post I'll be sharing will be all of the paint colors I selected throughout the entire home and we are in the process of getting that post ready so I'll probably post that next week!

Before we kick off the new home posts, I wanted to share my closet space for the last year and several months at my parents home. I converted an empty bedroom into a closet using Ikea closet storage furniture. I have to be honest it was kind of a pain setting everything up but luckily Drew is super handy and helped me piece it all together. It helped me stay way more organized than I would have been without it so I'm glad I took the time to get it and set it all up.

In the bedroom there was a small closet that I kept winter coats, workout clothes and all of my jeans in, so I did have a little bit more storage than what's shown here.

Below are some tips to help you freshen up your closet:

  • If there happens to be an empty room in your home or a junk room, turn it into your closet..why not?! More space to give everything a place to stay organized!
  • Invest in matching hangers: This will instantly de-clutter your rods and make everything feel a little more uniform.
  • Color Coordinate: I start with like pieces (lace tops then to blouses, then to tee shirts, then to sweaters) then I color coordinate from lightest to darkest in each category. This will make your closet feel more organized and clean the second you color coordinate it!
  • Style Shelf Space: Utilize your shelf space for your bags, shoes and jewelry but get creative and style it too. Display a few of your favorite pieces, add a picture frame or candle to a shelf, display your jewelry in a tray on the shelf.
  • Flip your Shoes: I not only color coordinate my shoes but I also flip them so one is facing front and one is facing back. Special pairs I'll even rotate sideways to show them off more (see images above for example). Reminds me of what a shoe boutique would do to display their shoes!
  • Keep your favorite Boxes: Most everyone has high open shelving in their closets that you don't end up using because it's too high for an everyday reach. I love to display some of my favorite shoe boxes up there. It looks finished off and chic rather than having clutter up there or nothing.

Let me know if you have any questions about the closet furniture or organization!

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