Ok ladies I have an amazing skin care product to share with you today that I've been trying out for a little over a month. Chuda reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in trying their Healing Hydrating Cream. I loved the packaging and more importantly loved the idea that it is an all in one cream. They sent it to me and I first started using it at night after I cleansed my face. After trying it for just two nights I wrote them back and told them I loved it and we started working on a partnership.

So I want to officially introduce you to the Healing Hydrating Cream. They call it the "all in one cream" because it has so many benefits- it hydrates, heals, softens, evens and reduces redness, which is what made me want to share it with you all. I've recently been using it both morning and night after I've washed my face (just a tiny pea-size amount, a little goes a long way!!!) and it has made my skin look a lot brighter, much smoother and feels sooo soft after I use it. Even when I wake up in the morning my face still feels hydrated after sleeping with the cream all night. It’s also great under my makeup, as a primer too. I religiously wear sunscreen on my face so before I put my makeup on this is my routine: cleanse my face, apply sunscreen all over, and lastly apply my Hydrating Healing Cream.

It's the perfect layer before I apply my foundation. I've talked a lot about this before but I never put my foundation straight to my face. I always like to have a barrier there, by doing that my makeup looks more flawless and I feel like it helps my foundation from seeping into my pores.

I wanted to give away a few creams to all of you so I asked the Chuda team if they would want to do a giveaway along with this post. You can head to my Instagram post today to enter to win your own Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream AND one for a friend or sister!! Giveaway will end Sunday at 11:59 pm MST and we will randomly select 3 winners (plus their friend that they tag, so 6 winners total!!). If you win you have to tell me what you think of it!! I always love getting your feedback on the products I share with you.

If you don’t win they gave me a code so you can get 50% off the 50ml! Use code: PEONY on

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful Tuesday!!

Brought to you by Chuda.

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