Beach Day...

Beach Day...

^^Right after Isla stole the yellow bucket from Jackson. He was not happy about it.

... ^^Apologizing to brother. He still wasn't happy about it lol.

... Swimsuit: Marysia (also here) | Kimono: Romwe (only $20!!!!) | Hat: J.Crew, old (similar style here, here and here) | Sunglasses: Wildfox | Isla's Suit: Minnow


Happy Thursday, everyone! Here's a look at our time on the beach of Monarch Bay while we were in California. I thought we would only be at the beach for a short time because I thought the babies would rather be by the pool but both Isla and Jackson loved the sand and watching the birds and the waves. We ended up staying at the beach all day long. Jackson usually wants to be held 24/7 but he was content as ever plopped in the sand. He loved to squish it between his hands and was so curious at everything around him. Kept him entertained for hours before he fell asleep. Isla would chase the birds, the waves and ran as fast as she could towards the water and then away from the water. You could say both my babies got a good nights rest that night, they were so tired from playing in the sun! Drew and I are already planning another family trip back to the beach!

And I got SO many questions about my kimono and the best part is it's only $20!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xo, Rach

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