At Home With Dreft...

At Home With Dreft...

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The other day I was looking at baby pictures of Isla Rose and Jackson and I can’t believe how fast they are growing up!! Since when were my babies no longer babies!?! One of my favorite parts about when they were little was that new baby smell. I know I’m not the only mom who wishes you could bottle up that smell and keep it forever!!! Today I want to share one of my favorite baby products that brings back those memories of when my kids were little.

Earlier this month Dreft reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in sharing why I love their Baby Detergent with my readers and I was so excited!!!! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! This is a product I know and love and have been using ever since I was pregnant with Isla Rose!

My mom is actually the one who first introduced me to it and recommended that I wash everything - all of my clothes, my sheets, my blankets and all of the baby's clothing -- before they were born and it was heavenly! Ever since then I’ve told all of my girlfriends and soon-to-be moms about it. It’s one of my favorite products ever! A recent Dreft survey found that 8 out of 10 parents feel that using Dreft can make them feel more bonded with their baby, and I can totally relate! Dreft is so unique and important in our home because that iconic scent is so sentimental to me. It allowed me to bond with both of my babies before they arrived because I was in total nesting mode; I cleaned the whole house and washed all of their clothes and fabrics and it made me feel at ease and confident that I could and would be the mom that they needed. And now whenever I smell something that’s been washed using Dreft, it instantly brings back a flood of memories from when Isla Rose and Jackson were newborns.

Dreft also effectively removes baby food stains, while being super gentle on baby’s skin, making it a baby care essential. My favorite things to wash with Dreft are baby clothes (and even my kids’ clothing now) and my own sheets. I actually have a bottle hidden away because the night before we move into our new home I plan to wash all my sheets so they have the fresh smell!! I’m already counting down the days.

You can purchase Dreft purtouch on now and save $2 on your first Subscribe & Save order! Have you mamas tried Dreft Baby Detergent? I’m interested to hear your thoughts on why you love it and what you use it for!!

Brought to you by Dreft. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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