How old are you? I'm 21 (and a half;)

What do you do for a living? By day I'm a clothing designer for Modbe and an accessory designer for DownEast Basics. By night, I'm a blogger.

What did you major in? I was/am a Communication and PR major but felt I needed to be studying something where my creativity could flow so I switched to Graphic Design. Now, I'm back to Communications, mainly to finish faster (two semester left). My new job and the blog are where my creativity surface.

Can I hire you to design my blog? My blog design shop is currently closed. Between my job and blog, I don't have time. Fabulous K is great, she recently spruced mine up.

Where are you based? Just outside Salt Lake City.

Why did you start a fashion blog? I've always had a love for fashion, ask anyone who knew me growing up. I was always the outlandish dresser (sometimes good, sometimes bad). I danced in high school and in college and always ended up designing costumes or being involved in the fashion side of dance, I guess I gravitate towards it. When I got married I started a 'journal blog' to document our first year of marriage. We went on a vacation to Greece in May of '10, when we returned home, I blogged about it and began receiving comments from women I didn't know, asking me to post where I got my outfits. That sparked the idea to begin what is now Pink Peonies!

Why did you name your blog Pink Peonies? My favorite color is pink and my favorite flowers are peonies. My wedding was full of both pink and peonies, it seemed fitting to my personality and style.

I want to start a blog, do you have any tips? Yes! 1. Be yourself | 2. Be confident in the content you post | 3. Be patient and write about what your passionate about, that will shine through to your readers.

What kind of camera do you use? Canon 60D with a 50mm f1.4 lens

How tall are you, how tall is your husband? I'm 5'6 he's 6'5, you can read a fun article about that here.

What is your fitness/eating routine? I don’t really have one. I don’t deprive myself but I don’t splurge. As far as working out goes, I run (when I have time).

Is your hair color natural, what salon do you and your sisters go to? My hair color is pretty much natural with the occasional shine treatment. We go to Suggestion Salon in Orem.

Who did your hair for your wedding? Suggestions Salon in Orem.

What is one beauty product you can't live without? My favorite lip shine, YSL Sheer Candy #9

Where are your favorite places to shop? You can check those out here.

Do you have a list of vendors you used for your wedding? You can find that here.

What blogs do you follow? You can view some of my faves here.

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Rachel & Drew's Temple Film from David Perry on Vimeo.

Rachel & Drew's Reception from David Perry on Vimeo.
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