A Cozy Corner in my Bedroom…

A Cozy Corner in my Bedroom…

pink-peonies-home-decor-3horchow-silk-floral-arrangmentpink-peonies-homepink-peonies-home-11John-Richard Collection Faux Flowers ℅ Horchow | Aerin Clarkson Floor Lamp ℅ Horchow


It's no secret that one of my passions is interior design and home decor. I always get SO many questions about the decor throughout my home whether it's my kitchen, bedroom or Isla's nursery (which is why I added the new 'Home Decor' section on my blog to make it easier for you to search for. You can view that here!). Drew is a builder and he was actually the general contractor on the home we are living in now. We spent hours and hours designing our home from scratch together and now it's been so fun to see something that we built together two years ago turn into our home where we are raising our family. If any of you have every built and tried to furnish a home, then you know it's constantly a work in progress. There are still areas that aren't completely done, so I'm always looking for accessories and furniture to finish up each room (one day I'll do a full home tour, promise!!).

We added this chaise to our master bedroom about a year ago and it's now a place that I'll work from in the mornings with a cup of hot chocolate, a place where Dash will take his naps or a place where I'll cuddle up to little Isla and read her stories. I found this floor lamp and these gorgeous faux flowers (we all know I have a thing for having flowers in my home - real or not real!!) from Horchow and they complimented this little nook perfectly. I love finding pieces that help make our house feel more like a home and these two pieces did just that!

Here are more pieces from Horchow that I'm dying to add to my home (and most are on sale an extra 20% using code MEMORIAL)!!! Also, a lot of you have asked about the full-length mirror in my bedroom. I found an almost identical mirror on Horchow, it's pictured below and it's on sale too! Have a great Tuesday!

xo, Rach

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