A Night of Intimate Conversation and Inspiration with Rachel Parcell and Blue Sky Planners

A Night of Intimate Conversation and Inspiration with Rachel Parcell and Blue Sky Planners
On Thursday, October 13, I celebrated my second year of collaborating with Blue Sky Planners by hosting an intimate panel discussion event. 
The panel was moderated by ABC 4's Nicea DeGering, and focused on the secrets to planning for success. I was joined by some amazing leaders and public figures in our local Utah community. The panelists alongside me for this memorable night included:
Dr. Julie Hanks, Therapist & Thought Leader
Lizi Heaps, "The Food Nanny"
Fatima Dedrickson, "StyleFitFatty"
Lindsay Arnold, Dancing with the Stars Pro 
Momi Tu'ua, Utah's first Female School Principal of Color
We exchanged stories about how we started our businesses, our triumphs, our failures, and how we stay grounded and inspired. It was such a special night. I felt inspired, uplifted, and so grateful for the support of the amazing people in my community, near and far! You can shop this collection now at Target! Keep scrolling to see photos from this amazing event!

 The Details

Balloon Archway outside doors of Rachel Parcell Headquarters
Rachel Parcell x Blue Sky Planners lined up along table inside Rachel Parcell Storefront
We had all of the 2023 Rachel Parcell x Blue Sky Planners out on display for all guests to see!
Row of 7 white barstools for panelists with pink and purple balloon arch behind
Close up of flower arrangement with panelist seats and balloon arch in background
Empty seats with Blue Sky planners, facing panelist chairs with balloon arch in background
Floral Blue Sky Planner, set of Blue Sky pens, and planner cookie on chair before event
Each guest was gifted a 2023 Rachel Parcell x Blue Sky planner, set of pens, and custom cookie by Jannica's Cookies.
Planner cookies on display table

Before the Night Began... 

Two female guests looking at planners and cupcakes in RP showroom before event
Lizzi Heaps (The food nanny) hugging friends before event began
Two friends sitting, smiling, laughing before event began

The Panel

Panelists in foreground speaking, audience listening  Rachel Parcell and other panelists listening and looking in direction of moderator

Nicea DeGering asking question at panel event  

Rachel Parcell speaking into microphone to audience, looking at Nicea DeGering (moderator)

Michael and Shannon Skalla (Rachel Parcell's parents) standing in back of room listening to Rachel speak at panel event

Dr. Julie Hanks speaking into microphone to audience

Lindsay Arnold speaking into microphone to audience

Fatima Dedrickson speaking into microphone to audience

Lizzi Heaps smiling, speaking into microphone to audience

Momi Tu'ua speaking into microphone to audience

Audience at RP x xBlue Sky Planners Panel event

audience of women listening to panelists at eventMore Memorable Moments

Rachel Parcell speaking to Lindsay Arnold and other panelists outside after event

Rachel Parcell pictured with parents, daughter, and niece outside after event

The panelists outside posing for photo. Pictured (from legt to right): Nicea DeGering, Momi Tu'ua, Dr. Julie Hanks, Lindsay Arnold, Rachel Parcell, Fatima Dedrickson, Lizzi Heaps

 I am so grateful for this opportunity, this event, and my wonderful support system! 

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