A family Halloween night...

A family Halloween night...
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays,
the changing colors, crisp air, pumpkins and my dad's homemade chili are some of the things
I love most about this spooky holiday.

We have had a tradition in my family since the time I was little of my dad making his homemade chili and pouring it into pumpkin bread bowels.

We had a blast watching Once Upon a Time{very Halloween appropriate} passing out candy,
eating candy, enjoying chili and each others company.

Here are a few pics from our family party {or married people/baby party, Meg and Amy were to cool
for us tonight}

we couldn't find any Halloween costumes small enough for Capri so we resorted
to a build-a-bear costume, poor Capri.

Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween


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