5 Ways I Use My RP Cake Stand Around the Home...

5 Ways I Use My RP Cake Stand Around the Home...

One of my all-time favorite pieces that we brought back for Spring '21 RP Collection is our Petal Cake Stand! I have more than one of these in my house so I can repurpose for whatever food, décor, or organization project I need. Here are the top 5 ways I like to have it on display:

1. I Use My Cake Stand for... a Cake!

This RP cake stand surface is perfect for a standard 10"-12" cake with about an inch or so of room on all sides. I use it for birthdays, work parties, and tea parties for my littles. 

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Rachel Parcell Cake Stand Inspo

Rachel Parcell Cake Stand

Rachel Parcell Cake Stand

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2. I Use it to Arrange Individual Treats and Pastries 

I love this cake stand's petal edge; I think smaller pastry items really accentuate the motif and pattern. (Check out my yummy cinnamon roll recipe from the Food Nanny in the link!)

Rachel Parcell Cake Stand

Rachel Parcell Cake Stand

Rachel Parcell Cake Stand Uses

3. I Use it for Savory Items Like Spices, Snacks, and Charcuterie Items

The RP cake stand is also perfect for savory items. I love to use it as a mini charcuterie board for when the kids are doing homework and crafts, or when we all move outside for picnics and pool parties. 

Rachel Parcell Cake Stand Snacks

Cake Stand Rachel Parcell

4. I Use It as a Décor Piece

The stoneware on this cake stand is a lovely material and looks great with a variety of surfaces around the home. I love to display it on my countertop, shelf, or dining table. 

Rachel Parcell Cake Stand

Rachel Parcell Cake Stand Books 

5. I Use My Cake Stand in My Bathroom and on My Vanity

Another chic way to utilize your cake stand is to put it in your closet or bathroom as a vanity piece! It looks super chic as a jewelry or perfume tray, a spot for soaps and hand towels, or a lotion display. 

Rachel Parcell Cake Stand

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You might think a cake stand feels like a really specific piece, but it's actually really versatile around the home! Be sure to show me how you use and style your own RP cake stand on Instagram with the hashtag #RPhome. Happy Spring! 

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