3 New Fave Lip Combos from Walmart...

3 New Fave Lip Combos from Walmart...

The other day I shared with you one of the 3 new favorite lip combos that I found from Walmart. I went to their store and bought a dozen different brands and shades to test out (and Isla Rose talked me into getting her slime too so it was very productive;). I narrowed it down to my favorite three combos and wanted to put together a board so you can see what my favorites were. I love that I was able to find these combinations from Walmart.

It is such a good idea to have a few good beauty products that you love from a store that is as convenient as Walmart, we have one near our home and that way, no matter where you are you can stop in and pick them up whenever you need! Or when you’re buying slime suppies you can also grab a beautiful combo of lipsticks and gloss! If you try gloss, you’ll be addicted. Let me know what you think. One of the best glosses I’ve found and such a pleasant surprise. I wear it daily and the packaging is so elevated and beautiful.

I have listed out and linked all of the combinations below!

-Combination 1-

Lipstick - Revlon Silver City Pink

Lipgloss - Milani Almost Natural

Lip Liner - Milani Nude

-Combination 2-

Lipstick - Revlon Kissable Pink

Lipgloss - Milani Soft Rose

Lip Liner - Milani Nude

-Combination 3-

Lipstick - Revlon Lover’s Coral

Lipgloss - Milani Luminoso

Lip Liner - Milani Nude

^^I was wearing combination 1 in this IG post last week!

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