29 things: What you wouldn’t know about me and what I’ve learned in 29 years....

29 things: What you wouldn’t know about me and what I’ve learned in 29 years....

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29 things: What you wouldn’t know about me and what I’ve learned in 29 years....

What you wouldn't know about me:

1. By nature I’m shy and reserved, especially in a social setting. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come out of my shell but it still makes me uncomfortable.

2. That’s why I connected with blogging so quickly. I could be open and connect with other women, and it made it easy because there was a screen barrier.

3. I secretly have a semi good voice ;) and music, especially church or faith music has always been a huge part of my life. I sing to my kids every night until they tell me to no more or until they’ve fallen asleep. When I was younger I listened to church music every night on repeat as I fell asleep and I listen to it now when I’m driving. So calming and its where I reconnect and come up with a lot of my best ideas for mothering, family and my businesses.

4. I am such a night owl. My best ideas also come to me late at night, my mind races. I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier for so long and I’ve done better but I love staying up. Usually until 1 or 2am. When I was little I would stay up late and tinker around in my room making things, drawing things or organizing. I’ve always been the last to go to bed. Drew is a night owl too so we spend some of our most quality time late at night talking new ideas and future plans/goals.

5. Mornings are my favorite part of the day, fresh and new. Which is funny being that I’m a night owl.

6. One of my favorite things to do in the entire world is simply getting dressed up and go to a restaurant. I get butterflies when we go. Drew asked what I wanted for my birthday and I said I want to go out to lunch with my kids after preschool and I want to wear a sequin dress to my favorite restaurant for dinner.

7. I’m a homebody. I love being at home and I get a tinge of anxiety if I have to leave. Especially when I go somewhere alone. So weird, always been like this. Even when I was young.

8. I still sleep with my baby blanket. Her name is Marsha. I refer to ‘her’ as a person. I take her on trips with me. Took her to the hospital when I had my babies. Can’t sleep without her.

9. I’m always cold. No matter what. My favorite spot in my house is next to my fire and my favorite spot in my office is next to my space heater. Drew and I always battle over the thermostat temp ;)

10. In high school I wore high heels almost every day and I remember thinking to myself, I need to keep a journal of all my outfits...little did I know.

11. I danced growing up and one of my dreams was to move to Texas be Dallas cowboy cheerleader. My mom shut that dream very quickly though ;)

12. When I was younger I always wished so badly for blonde hair. I thought I wasn’t pretty because all my friends had blonde hair and I had dark hair. Now it’s one of my favorite features. I love how dark and striking brunettes are and I wouldn’t trade it.

13. My sisters and I will FaceTime or call each other and say absolutely nothing other than hi. We just put each other on speaker and continue what we’re doing while the other is on the other line doing what they’re doing. Our calls get so long. So strange but we’ve always done this. Or we will chat for 30 min, and never hang up. And just sit on the phone with each other in silence.

14. I’m super hard on myself. Not in necessarily a bad way, but I’m constantly trying to better in all areas of my life.

15. From Amy: You have a tender heart and you cry at church hymns

16. From Megan: You still pee your pants when you laugh lol

17. From Emily: You played barbies with Megan and Amy until you were in high school

What I’ve learned:

18. I’m the only me and that’s my super power

19. My confidence isn’t about if someone will like me, it’s still knowing my worth and being ok when someone doesn’t like me.

20. Decisions determine destiny. The secret of my success lies in my daily routine.

21. Things don’t fulfill me. People, relationships and making memories do.

22. What others say about me is none of my business because it has more to do with them, their life experiences and what they know, than me or who I really am.

23. It’s ok to say no.

24. Life is busy and full of decisions of where to spend time. You will always have to disappoint someone. Don’t let it be your husband or children. Be ok with disappointing someone who isn’t in your core circle.

25. Don’t be extreme with where you spend your time working on a goal, or dream. Rather, be dedicated and consistent.

26. It’s ok to day dream. You’re really meditating , visualizing your future, your dreams and manifesting it. Keep day dreaming!!

27. Be kind, everyone is going through a struggle you know nothing about.

28. A consistent and religious skin care routine pays off

29. Let yourself take a break to refuel and recharge, It’s essential.

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