1 outfit, 3 tops, 3 VERY different prices...

1 outfit, 3 tops, 3 VERY different prices...
My wardrobe varies in style and price. My motto is to always strive to mix in the cheap trendy pieces
with the expensive timeless pieces but, as we all know, both of these can be challenging tasks.

*What makes a great top from an okay top?
*What makes you spend more on a piece and not on another?
*What if you find two tops that are virtually the same but have very different price tags?
*What would draw you to the more cheaper one or to the spendy one?

Pictured below is one outfit put with three different tops that are {you guessed it} three very different prices.
one $98, one $78 and one $13 {yes you heard me right, only 13 dollars}

Here's your test.

Can you guess which price tag belongs to which blouse?
Before you look at the actual answers, see what prices you personally think each blouse is.

A. B. & C.

Skirt: Nordstrom / Boots: Nordstrom{last year} / Tights: Target /
Bracelets: Sweet Briar Hollow, Tiffany&Co. / Neckalce: Forever21 / Earrings: Nadri
Really, what is the difference between these blouses? {besides color & price}

Answers: $98=C{J.Crew} / $78=A{Nordstrom} / $13=B{Forever21}

Did you guess right?



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