Hi, my name is Rachel Parcell.

I am a mother, a wife, a blogger, and designer. I have two beautiful children, Isla Rose and Jackson (nicknamed Bear) and a naughty pup, Dash.

I started Pink Peonies in 2010 as a way to document my first year of marriage to my wonderful husband, Drew who is a general contractor, real estate developer, and part-time fashion photographer – not really, but I make him take some of my pics ;)

I meant for this space to be a journal for my friends and family to follow. I had absolutely no idea what my little space on the internet would evolve to. Shortly after our wedding, Drew and I were featured on the cover of a local bridal magazine, Utah Valley Brides. This is when my blog took on a life of its own. Our wedding images that I shared in a blog post were being pinned over, and over, and over again, which drove A LOT of traffic, introducing thousands of women from across the nation and world to my life, style, and online journal.

I started receiving fashion questions from women not only in Utah but from around the entire country. They were more curious about what lipstick or top I was wearing than what activity my husband and I were doing that weekend. That’s what sparked the idea to start taking photos of my outfits and labeling where I got each item from. I genuinely wanted these women to be able to shop my outfits if they liked what I was wearing. Once I started connecting with the women that I was now lucky enough to call my readers, I formally changed the name of my journal blog from ‘Rach + Drew’ to ‘Pink Peonies’ (my favorite color and flower).

I started sharing more outfits, beauty tips, recipes, and home decor ideas. Quickly, I started to be noticed by major brands in L.A. and New York. They could see from their analytics that a young girl from Utah was driving not only traffic but sales. A lot of sales. Pink Peonies then went from a hobby to a business and I feel so blessed that it has become my full-time job for over seven years.

Women and young girls visit Pink Peonies daily as a source of inspiration for their daily lives relating to fashion, beauty, home decor, recipes, and family life. Whether you’re a new follower or have been reading my blog from the beginning, thank you SO much for being here! I will never be able to express how much it means to me and I have absolutely loved the opportunity to connect with so many of you through the years. Love you all!

The story behind the Brand

Rachel Parcell is a women’s clothing brand specializing in feminine and timeless pieces that will be worn time and time again. The brand was founded in January 2016 by Rachel Parcell, of the blog Pink Peonies and Tan France, of Queer Eye. Rachel’s signature feminine and classic style have captured the hearts of women around the world and now she is bringing that signature style to life by creating a full custom designed brand.

One of the very first posts on Pink Peonies featured a skirt that she designed and sewed herself (you can see that post here). At that time she only had about 100 followers but she let them know they could purchase the skirt and she would sew it for them. Quickly she realized her sewing skills were not up to par to create a piece of clothing that would fit another body type, other than her own. She kept that idea to create clothing in her back pocket and continued to blog and grow her following. A year after blogging she was offered a design job by a local clothing brand based in Salt Lake City. There she learned what it takes to work in fashion and she was able to go to Asia to visit the factories where the designs she and her team created were being produced. After a year of working for the brand, she left the company to further pursue all the opportunities that were coming her way through her blog.

She was then approached to create her own jewelry collection that would be set-up in the form of a licensing deal two years afterward. She quickly learned that because she was not the one funding the business she did not have the final say in important business decisions, which ultimately led her to step away from the licensing deal. It was shortly after that she decided to follow her dreams, take a leap of faith and create her own brand that would be funded and operated by both Rachel and her husband, Drew. After a few hours of convincing Drew, Rachel started designing her ‘first’ collection. It consisted of four different designs (2 skirt and 2 dresses). She hired a seamstress to help her create the patterns and samples but soon realized she needed more help on the manufacturing side. It was important for her to produce a high-quality product at an accessible price point with a great fit.

After coming up against some stumbling blocks, she knew she needed to bring on a partner who understood manufacturing and was already producing apparel. She called her friend from the industry, Tan Safdar, and asked him if he was available for a lunch meeting. A few days later they met and Rachel pitched the idea to him, from there Tan came on as her partner for the Rachel Parcell brand.

They launched their first collection in April of 2016 and sold out in a day. They used the profits of their first launch to design and produce a second collection, which was also sold out. A year into their partnership Tan was cast on the hit show, Queer Eye and Rachel then became sole owner. Rachel now works on the brand with an incredible team based both in Salt Lake City and Seattle. You can shop the Rachel Parcell Collection exclusively at Nordstrom.

Hello Gorgeous,

You are now being redirected to Nordstrom…

xo, Rach