Winter Wonderland…

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Coat: Bernardo ℅  |  Sweater: Tory Burch  |  Leggings: Nordstrom  |  Boots: Hunter  |  Hat: Free People (similar style)  |  Socks: Free People  | Lips: Cherry and YSL #13

I’m sure you saw all my winter wonderland photos on my insatgram and snapchat from our Thanksgiving weekend spent in Deer Valley… All of the fresh snow was so magical but it was super cold, colder than I expected. One day it was literally 7 degrees!

Growing up in Utah you’d think I would get used to the bitter cold winters, but every year when winter rolls around it’s like I forget how cold it really gets. I remember when I was younger my parents would bundle us up in our big, puffy snowsuits and coats that were embarrassing and so not flattering (please tell me I’m not the only one who had a marshmallow coat? ;) Nowadays there are so many options for coats that keep you warm but are also super cute (my sisters and I like to call it mountain chic)! This Bernardo coat did the trick while we were enjoying the Winter Wonderland this past weekend. I love how chic, warm and comfortable it is.  It’s a coat that I think I’ll be wearing quite a bit this freezing holiday season!!

xo, Rach

Brought to you by Bernardo.

xo, Rach
Winter Wonderland…
Winter Wonderland…
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76 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland…

    1. Oh nooo you don’t lol! I’m from Canada and we have brutal winter weather conditions where it makes driving so dangerous! Plus it adds so much time to an already awful commute home from work!! Blah! Lol! Enjoy the sunshine!

  1. I love how this coat is still flattering while adding a warm layer. It can be hard to find winter coats that keep you warm without the dreaded marshmellow look. Hunter boots are great for high snow fall to keep your feet dry but aren’t neccessarily that warm. It doesn’t look like you have the Hunter boot liners in in these photos, do you find your feet still stay warm with only thick socks?

  2. Oh my gosh, the combination of the snow and you are so pretty!! I love the red lip!! Also lol on the coat, I had the same thing!!! I’ve found some pretty great puffer coats from Andrew Marc and Alice + Olivia has a great puffer coat right now (and it’s on sale)! xx yael

  3. Omg I love this whole look!! So pretty!!!:) I’ve been longing for s pair of hunter boots for years & I finally bought my first pair!!:) love your style!!! xoxo

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