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light-pink-fedora-lack-of-colors light-pink-fedora-hat spring-time-maternity-style light-pink-valentino-rock-stud-bird-cage-flatsspring-time-maternity-style-ideas beige-saint-laurent-sac-de-jour-bag light-pink-valentino-rockstud-flatsTee: T by Alenxander Wang | Pants: Current Elliott (wearing with a belly band) | Flats: Valentino (similar style under $100 here) | Bag: Saint Laurent (also here) | Hat: Lack of Colors | Watch: Michele | Lips: Liner- Boldly Bare, Lipstick- Creme Cup, Gloss- Turkish Delight

Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m sharing a laid back and casual look I wore over the weekend.

Off topic, but my due date is quickly approaching (nearly a month away) and Drew and I still haven’t decided on a name yet! We’re stumped! If any of you have any name suggestions, let me know, I would love some more names to add the our very short list we started. Thanks so much for stopping by!

xo, Rach

Photos by Jessa Kae.

xo, Rach
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228 thoughts on “Weekend Wear…

    1. I love Olivia too!! I’m biased, as it’s my daughter’s name but I love Isla (pronounced eye-la, or as we say, “like island without the nd”). Isla Parcell is gorgeous, as are YOU. If I had looked that good pregnant, I think I would have ten kids! Good luck in your last month – keep those feet up! xo Ailee

  1. You look stunning! I have been following your for years now and can not wait to see baby girl! Moving to the US this summer from London and hoping to visit Salt Lake City soon would love to meet up for coffee between bloggers :)

    Name wise I would love to name my daughter Emma, I love Grace too, Erika too for some reasons when I see your little one I see it end with an A god knows why :)
    Hope this helps getting more ideas! I am sure when you see her little face it will come right in your head and you will know for sure! Good luck for the last few weeks, my hubs and I can not wait to start a family. You guys are going to be amazing parents and Dash will be a cute little brother ;)

    Best wishes

  2. Heya Rach! Firstly, I adore your blog!!! I love your fashion choices, you pair things I never thought of and look incredible and I love seeing snippets of your home. Gorgeous decor!

    Secondly, I thought I’d share some baby girls names I love with you since you’re looking for a little inspiration.

    Eden, Freya, Emilia and Arabella.

    Kerry x

  3. Favorite baby girl names:

    1. Paige is the first name I thought of for you as well! I went to school with a girl named Paige Parks, and I always loved that name. :) Paige Parcell – Pink Peonies :) Kind of fun that it would be the same letters. Other names I like are Violet, Clara and Audrey.

  4. What a cute and casual look! Love the names Avery/Averie, Eavan, Everly, Eden, and Lyla. Consider Peony for a middle name, its so feminine and delicate. :)

    xx – Cyn from popofcyn.com

  5. I just love this outfit! You are gonna make your girl so proud when she grows up, having such a stylish mom. As for the names, well Lauren is that typical American name which means ‘glory’ (yes, I’m very proud of my name as a Belgian person :p). I also like Lexi or Lexa.

  6. I think Gemma Blair Parcell is really really pretty. I also like Valentina Drew, Genevieve (vieve and Evie are cute nicknames) and Juliette, Vivienne Grey and Everly Alice.

    Hope this helps get the wheels turning. Good luck in your search

  7. Love the outfit! Seriously! Adorable!

    Name wise – I LOVE the name Majorie its french and the J is silent (Kind of pronouced like ma-shor-ree) and you could call her May for short if you wanted!…I also suggest Findley Rowen, and of course I have to suggest Raye Jean. Its country but I love that name.

  8. Elena should be the first name for your girl. It is both strong and feminine, beautiful. Elena Drew Parcell. That’s the name for your beautiful one. I am sure. As I am Elena.

  9. Yikes! I’d be in panic mode too if I were you! Hopefully this next month something comes to you, and you find the perfect name for your blessing of a daughter. Regardless of her name, we all know she’ll at least be super fashionable!

    Clare | Understated Classics

  10. Love the pastel hat! I’m also a fan of your watch. Picking out baby names can be pretty taxing. I haven’t even been pregnant yet and my special someone and I can’t seem to totally decide either! I think Emmy would be nice or maybe Riley or Vail.


  11. Loving “Finley” at the moment; also “Whitney” which is a perennial favorite of mine. Sounds cliche but enjoy every moment of this time. My own two beautiful daughters are now 24 and 20 and taking the world by storm. SO enormously proud of them, but what I wouldn’t give to have any tiny piece of their baby and childhood days back : )

  12. I completely agree with the name Eiley! Something about it seems to perfectly fit for your daughter, but if you and your husband wanted to add an unique twist you could spell it I-S-L-E-Y(Isley), and still pronounce it the same way. Congratulations and God bless you guys on your newest and littlest addition!!!!

  13. You’ll must be the most beautiful mother!
    Really excited to know how cute the baby will be
    I think I’ll love the name ,Belle.
    NOT because of the same with my name!!!
    It’s because it means beautiful in French
    Even the name is easy,but it is really beautiful!

  14. Just came across your blog and this is my first time commenting! You are an adorable pregnant momma. My hubby and I I have 4 young boys and just had our first girl. We named her Jane. It’s been my favorite for a long time. I also love Claire, Vivian, Olivia, Genevieve, Giselle, Ruby, Harper is cute. Good luck!

    1. What is Elle’s middle name? I am due in a week, and even though my hubs and I love the name Elle, we couldn’t think of a middle name that went well. He jokes that it could be ‘Mc’. Our last name is Nelson, so her name would be Elle McNelson…insert eye roll :-)

  15. I love the hints of pink in your look. Wait til the baby comes… Drew will not know how much pink is going to hit him. LOL


    Instagram: stylishlyinlove
    Twitter: stylishlyinlove

  16. So cute! How do you still look better in jeans than me? Lol! My girlfriend just named her daughter Novella, which means a short novel… I think it’s a lovely name.

  17. I’m 20 weeks pregnant myself and am having a boy but did have some names picked for a girl in case it was a girl. Here are some suggestions: Maya, Ryan(yes for a girl), Charlie, Alexandra, Alice, Paige. I’m having a hard time with boy names, so I totally understand.

  18. You look gorgeous in this casual spring look!! I had the same issue choosing my daughter’s name! I picked her name just two weeks before she was born. I named her Sophia. I named my son Jackson. They are both the top names now for boy and girl in 2014! I guess I was ahead of the trend;) I just love the name Madeline. I have a Sister Missionary who has touched my heart with her faith and that is her name. I also really love the name Harper. Good luck choosing a name! You’ll just know when you pick the right one.

  19. So happy for you dearest!
    You always look perfect!
    I love the names: LAYLA and AMARA
    Hope you and Drew like them!
    Take care
    Love and best wishes xx

  20. You’re an inspiration! Gorgeously rocking your pregnancy. Some favorite girl names of mine are: Eden, Stella, Adeline, Ellison, Elodie, Reese, Emory, Wren, Willa, Delia, Ivy, and Leona!

  21. You look beautiful! Here are some suggestions for little princess names:

    Lia (pronounced like Leah)
    Olivia or Livia (original yet cute twist to Olivia)

    As a middle name, Rose is beautiful with nearly any first name and equally nice with Parcell.

    Lia Rose Parcell
    Sophia Rose Parcell
    Olivia Rose Parcell

    All beautiful… Good luck, you look amazing!

  22. Looks like you have lots of suggestions from which to choose from your readers! I love classic feminine names like Lauren, Catherine, Caroline, Claire and Kate.

    Having had a child go through elementary school, however, I would say (for the sake of your daughter) to avoid anything too trendy or “unique” — especially “unique” spellings of names. It’s confusing for everyone, and the child will constantly have to spell her name for people, AND deal with people mispronouncing and misspelling her name even into adulthood. I have one son and went with something “somewhat” traditional, but having been a “Room Mom” for the last five years, I heard so many strange and whacky twists on names it almost made my head spin.

    Enjoy your last month of pregnancy!

  23. Rachel, I love your blog and everything you do!! You are extremely talented and seem like such a sweet and wonderful girl!!
    I am sure your little princess will have an unusual and beautiful name. I LOVE the name “Ever”. You don’t hear it often at all which I think is great.

    Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy. I can’t wait until you share the name and pictures of your little one :)

  24. For a baby girl name recommendation, I would say Akala, which is the Hawaiian word for pink. I think it goes well with your love of Hawaii, all things pink and is similar to your maiden name!

  25. You are simply glowing, Rach! What a beauty!
    We have two girls- Scarlett Emerson and Clara Grace. So I’m partial to those names. Ainsley Elizabeth would have been our 3rd girl, but we ended up with a boy.
    Good luck choosing a name! I’m sure you’ll pick a beautiful one!
    xo Carrie

  26. Naming our son was so tough. Little girl names seemed to be easier! Here are a couple ideas. Best of luck, these sweet baby souls are the greatest gift!
    Lydia Grace, Blakely Elizabeth, Morgan Kate, Mallory Jane, Carly Grace, Camden Lane, Sylvia Rains, Isabelle Claire, Maggie Grace, Leighton Jane, Carolina Grace, Emma Drew

  27. Rach,

    Very cute casual look! I’m obsessed with those shoes, they are on my wish list.

    I’m sure you’re getting name suggestions left and right, do you prefer traditional or unique names? For me, I love traditional names for boys, and both classic and unique names for girls. I also love a full name that allows for a nickname. My favorite name for a girl right now is May. You don’t hear it very often, and it’s classic and sweet. May Parcell has a nice ring to it :)

    Good luck with the name game! I can imagine that’s super hard.

    xo, J


    1. I have never commented before but I love your blog and had to comment on the name thing :) I will be honest I didn’t read all 133 comments so i apologize if this has been said already but I LOVE the name Charlie for a girl. You can name her Charlotte Parcell but call her ‘Charlie’. I have a sweet little boy named Charlie and even if he was a girl we would’ve used that name. Just a thought :) Good luck!

  28. Ok, I’m back with more suggestions! I commented this morning but a few more popped into my head throughout the day…

    Remington Blair
    Calista Evangeline

  29. I have never commented before but I love your blog and had to comment on the name thing :) I will be honest I didn’t read all 133 comments so i apologize if this has been said already but I LOVE the name Charlie for a girl. You can name her Charlotte Parcell but call her ‘Charlie’. I have a sweet little boy named Charlie and even if he was a girl we would’ve used that name. Just a thought :) Good luck!

  30. i love love love that bag!!
    As for the name, I love Finley, Emerson, and Charlsie.
    But I’m sure any name you choose will be adorable

  31. We just had our first baby girl in December and we named her Emerson Ann, and she usually goes by Emmie! It’s an old name but also unique! Good luck!

  32. I love the name Elle Marie…. Wanted to name my son that when we thought he was going to be a girl Xoxox you look gorgeous btw!

  33. You have so many new names to decide upon based on all these comments! Lots of great suggestions here. I was the opposite with naming our daughter, we had talked about it well before ever getting pregnant and already had 2 girls names and a boy’s name picked out but I was certain I was having a girl so even before we had the ultrasound, we referred to her while she was in my belly by her name (just to one another) we didn’t announce it until she was born. I’ve always loved the name Lily, both my husband and I are Christian and he traveled the globe doing mission work before we married as an Evangelist for God so it seemed fitting that her middle name be Evangeline. Names with meaning are always nice. We decided absolutely no family names, we wanted her to be her own person without being a jr., etc. I adore flower names, they are so timeless and elegant. Because your last name starts with “P” you could totally get away with having her middle name be Peony.

    Other names I love that we considered: Elle, Ella, Isabella, and another that I’m keeping secret as it would be our next daughter’s name if we have another. Other beautiful names: Chloe, Savannah (what my BFF named her little girl and her nickname is Savy), I also like Georgia, Everly, Charlotte, Arabella (Ivanka Trump’s daughter’s name) ;) Can’t wait to hear the name you choose. It’s such a big decision but something tells me whatever you choose will be lovely.

    Best of Luck!

  34. What about my name, Nicola? Very unusual in the USA where Nicole is preferred! Other favourites include Rae, Alba, Rosa, Hannah, Ingrid and Alexandra. Good luck choosing!

  35. First of all, you look absolutely stunning!! I love this look and how your pretty accessories add the perfect extra touches.

    Secondly, I absolutely love baby names, and my husband and I aren’t planning to have kids for a few more years, but I’m always jotting down names I like. I just read through a bunch of comments and you have so many sweet suggestions :) I thought I would leave a few of my favorites just in case…

    Olivia Parcell sounds absolutely darling
    Eleanor or Elenore is one of my all-time favorite names and I love that it can be shorted to Elle or Nora
    And I love Sloan, Grey and Drew (to pass down your hubby’s name) as middle names :)

    Whatever you pick will be gorgeous and I can’t wait to see your baby girl!


  36. Hey!

    I am currently pregnant as well and can not button my jeans– does the belly band hold up your jeans since they are unbutton and will slide down?

    Thank you!

  37. Congratulations to you and Drew! I’m currently loving:
    -Emilia (Milly or Emmy for short)
    -Hattie (my great grandmother’s name)

    Wish you and your growing family all the best!

  38. Some name ideas:
    Elisabeth (“Lis”)

  39. My 5-year-old’s name is Jovie. I have yet to encounter another person with that name, which is another reason I chose it and still love it. Good luck!

  40. Such a cute pregnancy outfit! Names are the hardest to choose.. My husband and I just decided on the name Eden Middlesworth for our little girl! (We still have 3 months to go though) ;) I found it helpful to just look through books and write down names we loved the most + we narrowed it down from there! We knew we wanted a name that was very feminine, so that helped too! :)

  41. Hi Rach! I love the names Livia and Maya….I have two boys myself but those are my go-tos if I’m ever blessed with a baby girl :)

  42. The name choice is so hard! My 2 year old is Brooklyn Kennedy and my 18 month old is Lydis Taylor. We almost used Sydney or Ragean. Good luck :)

  43. Hi from Auckland, New Zealand!

    Apparently no one calls their babies Jody anymore so how about bringing it back into vogue? I know it’s the boy’s spelling of the name but back in ’71 when I was born, my parents were quite radical to not spell my name Jodi or Jodie!

  44. So many great name suggestions in theses comments!
    But I wanted to ask about your jeans. I know you have them rstyled linked & labeled as Current Elliott, but the double x embroidery is the Genetic Denim logo… Are they the Genetic Denim ‘The Shya Cigarrette’ in Destroy?

  45. I think choosing a name is so complicated and it is so important. Her whole life will circle around this name. If chose right it will guide her, if chose wrong it will hurt her. My parents choice was Marie-Emilie, I am french canadian but I think this name is original and people always say beautiful things about it. If I ever have a girl, I want to name her Lili Rose, I think it is the most beautiful name in the world. Choose a right name that will make her shine all the time.

  46. hello rachel! I’m so happy for you and drew and your exciting future! The pictures of the nursery are absolutely adorable. I only hope that one day I can decorate my babies room as cute as yours! As for names go, I have always loved the name Kelsey, as well as drew or Cailee! I’m sure you both are way more creative than I am when it comes to baby names, as I have plenty of time to think about that since I am still in school! Hope all is well with you and your family!

  47. How about BAILEY for your daughter? Bailey Parcell. My oldest daughter is named Bailey and she will be 23 years old. At first people thought it was odd, but I loved it from before she was even born. I also have a 19 year old daughter named Bradley Rachel S. We were told she was a boy at the last ultrasound and never chose a girl name, idiots! When your full of drugs after delivery what do you do? Keep the name you fell in love with! She was the ONLY female brad for a long time and now its kind of popular. College applications were hectic because everyone thought she was a guy LOL! But it suits her just fine. You look beautiful and happy. Good luck and try to rest as much as possible. I pray for a safe delivery and recovery.

  48. Love this look. When I was pregnant, we did not find out what the gender was so we r had a name picked out for both a girl and a boy. We had a boy but our girl name was Aubrey Elaine. I still love that name but I actually also love the name Harper. If we ever have a girl she’ll be named one of those two names. Hope this helps! :)

  49. Hiiii Rachel!! You look absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Some names I recommend are: Olivia, Rosemary ;) (mine is the Spanish version Rosamary), Rose, Rosie, hmmmm guess I’m biased lol
    I’m sure the name you pick will be beautiful as I’m sure your little girl will be too.

  50. Oh I Love this !!
    Have some names for you. I really like Iphigenia, ilektra, fedra, Amarylis these are all greek names but I like the sound of them and they are so nice for a Girl :-)
    Good Luck !

  51. Hi there!! I completely fell in love with that hat, any suggestions where I can find a similar hat? Or the style of it please, greatly appreciate it. Thank you

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