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With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend I’ve been thinking a lot about how blessed I am to be a mom and to have been raised by such a wonderful and supportive mom. My mom’s example, influence and encouragement have helped shape me into the woman, mother and wife I am today. I truly would not be where I am today without her!

When I first started my blog almost five years ago EVERYONE thought I was crazy (including all of my sisters, Drew and my friends from school). Everyone except for my mom. Day in and day out she would go out with me to take my outfit pictures. We would drive around and climb through trees and bushes to find the perfect location and she never complained, even when it was freezing outside! She could tell how much I loved it and she was so dedicated to helping me pursue something I loved so much.

My mom was literally the only one who believed in me and encouraged me to follow my “blogging” dreams. She was my source of strength and really made me feel like I do anything I put my mind to. Almost every day she reminded me to be strong to not give up. I remember one day saying “I wonder if I’ll ever have 1,000 women and girls reading and following my blog each day!” and she said back: “Rachel, you’re going to have hundreds of thousands of readers and followers. You have something special.” I told her she was crazy and was just saying that because I’m her daughter and she had to. I’ve never forgotten that conversation and I never could have imagined that a few years later it would actually become a reality. She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself and it’s because of her encouragement that I continued to grow and transform my blog from just a hobby to a full fledge business.

About a year and half after starting my blog I came across a lot of hateful and extremely hurtful remarks on the internet about me and my blog. I was literally heartbroken. I wanted to quit right then and there. I was so sad that people who didn’t even know me didn’t like me and were making fun of something that I worked so hard at and was so passionate about. I cried and cried and started feeling so low about myself after reading these remarks I made the decision to shut my blog down. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out. My mom was right there to pick me up and encourage me to keep working hard at what I spent so much time and energy creating. She gave me little pep talks like; “Keep being you, Rach. You’re stronger than you think you are. If you quit now you’re letting them win.”

Through my small day-to-day failures and success my mom has always been there for me, cheering me on and telling me that I can do it even when I think I can’t. I wouldn’t have all the opportunities, the lifestyle or be where I am today without my mom (and as you can see she is to thank for most of this blog!). Those days in the beginning will always be some of my most cherished moments spent with my mom. She has always been me and my sister’s biggest fan and cheerleader in whatever we want to do in life. I hope to be the same caring, encouraging mom to my Isla Rose and this new baby joining our family in a few short months. I still remember almost perfectly the day Isla was born and the overwhelming and instant unconditional love I felt for her. From the moment I first held her I decided I would always be strong for her, no matter what. I want my kids to feel like they can accomplish their dreams, just as my mom did for me.

 I’m so glad I can share this video from P&G’s Thank You, Mom Campaign called “Strong” just in time for Mother’s Day.  It’s the next film of the series and I’ve watched them all so many times. I love how it portrays a mother’s courage in time of adversity. I may not be an Olympic athlete, but my mom has strengthened me and loved me my entire life and for that I am truly grateful. Wishing all the moms out there a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!

xo, Rach

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xo, Rach
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98 thoughts on “Thank you, Mom…

  1. Such sweet and lovely words to a Mother who deserves every happiness and ounce of happiness she can get. The apple does not fall far from the tree itself. You are a lovely Mother yourself. A very beautiful post! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  2. Such a sweet tribute to your mom!

    Did you find out the gender yesterday?!?! I’m dying to know and have been checking back here and on Snapchat and Instagram hoping you’ll reveal!

  3. I agree with the comment made earlier, this is absolutely the sweetest, most genuine post yet. I am so so happy you listened to your Mom and re-started your blog! You and your family are truly beautiful. Wishing you all the best with your clothing line and can’t wait for your gender reveal!! Please don’t make us wait too long! ;)

  4. Aw, this post brought a tear to my eye. You’ll always treasure those ‘early’ days with your mom while starting your blog. That’s so awesome that she was so incredibly supportive and also your photographer back in the day. Everyone should be so blessed to have a mother like that. While I don’t know you personally, I can tell just by what you’ve shared with us about your day to day life as a mother, that you will be that same amazing mother to Isla and your other little one as they grow too. What a wonderful example and thank you for sharing so honestly with us. I’m sorry you’ve had to endure such criticism, it is usually the sign of jealousy in one form or another. My daughter is a toddler now but I hope to have the kind of mother-daughter relationship that you describe as she grows. :)


  5. Moms are always right! jeje Since I discovered your blog I’m a frequent visitor. I love you work and your family is extremely cute!

    I follow your work from Dominican Republic. It’s a Caribbean island. (Not an english speaker so I’m sorry if something isn’t right)

    Congrats on mothers day and for all your success!
    Regards, God bless you!!!!

  6. Hello Rachel,
    I have been following you for a few years now and never posted a comment on your blog yet…Congratulations for all what you have achieved and your beautiful family. I could not help but write as your post about your mom really moved me! You can read through the lines how sincere and thankful you are to her! It’s beautiful! Wishing you many years of success with your blog and clothing line.
    Marie from France

    1. Oh thank you so much Marie!! I love hearing from my readers and I read each and every comment and truly appreciate them :)

      Xo Rach

  7. Such a sweet post dedicated to your mom. I love how supportive she was with your blog and how she saw your vision. As much as I like your fashion posts I really enjoy when you share your personal stories (which I know is not easy).

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have an amazing mother’s day.

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

    1. She really did see my vision and I am so grateful for that!! Thanks for always leaving the sweetest comments that make my day.

      Xo Rach

  8. I have found myself commenting here a lot lately! I have never met you in person, thought I’m sure I’ll run into you sometime around town, so forgive me if I seem overly excited to meet you. But I just want you to know that I admire you so much. There will always be naysayers and people who are jealous or just mean, but keep going. I appreciate so much how your love for motherhood comes out in your blog and Instagram feed ever day. The world needs more of that. I love that you mention your love for Drew. The world needs more role models of happy marriages and happy families. I love your Sunday photos with you and Isla in your Sunday best. The world needs more of that. I love that you stand up for the church and don’t hide that you are a Mormon. In fact, you proudly talk about families and on Easter you mentioned the Savior and the other day you said you were so thankful that Heavenly Father gave you Isla. The world needs more of that. You keep going. The world needs more people to stand up for families, religion, marriage, and happy, positive things. So thank you.

      1. Thank you so much Jenifer!! Seriously, you sound like an amazing person and I truly appreciate your sweet comments :)

        Xo Rach

  9. Hi Rachel I’m sure you don’t remember me but I met you at the opening of the Nordstrom rack in Philadelphia my friend Zc and I were so excited to meet you! We were the ones that told you about the shoes at the rack deal.. Anyways just wanted to let you know your last post was so touching I have followed your blog for years I’m a big fan and when I met you you and drew were so nice to me and Zc. Glad you didn’t quit your blog!! Your mom was right you have a special talent! Happy a Mother’s Day! – Tara

    1. Yes I remember!!! That was so fun! Thanks for following along :) Hope you and Zc are doing well!

      Xo Rach

  10. So glad you listened to your mom and continued with your blog… No doubt you will be very successful with your clothing business! Your mom is right: you do have something very special. Your blog is by far my favourite of all the ones I follow. The mean comments only come from jealous people, delete or ignore ;)

    1. Wow thank you Natalie!! You are seriously so sweet :) and you’re right – delete or ignore! haha

      Xo Rach

  11. Loved reading this! Just love and adore you and your blog and IG!! I look to you daily for inspiration and eye candy (^_^) Happy Mothers Day to You! And keep doing YOU (^_^)!!!!


  12. I love this post! And I am so glad you had the trust to believe in your mom and not give up. She is totally right, you are stronger than all the negative. I absolutely adore your blog and new clothing line! I haven’t made a purchase yet…although petite, I am on the shorter side (5’1″ and 103 lbs). I feel like maybe things will need to be altered too much? Anyway, have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer!! Some of the pieces might need to be altered but I think some will work just great :) We are hoping to offer more sizes in the future!

      Xo Rach

      1. Your reply totally made my Mother’s Day even better! I truly hope to meet you one day! I actually saw you while you were at a family wedding in Santa Barbara, which is where I live. My hubby and I were dining at The Biltmore that night. I so wanted to meet you, but did not want to interrupt your family time. And although you are not in Park City, we have a place there that we stay at quite often – so maybe my chances will be greater! Hope you had a fabulous Mommy Day!

  13. I love when you share posts like this, Rachel! I love seeing how you have grown and blossomed in to such a beautiful wife and mother. You are truly an inspiration to so many women! I am so glad you stuck with this beautiful blog, I love that you share your faith, and your love for your family! Happy Mother’s Day, Rachel!! xo

  14. Hi Rachael, I have followed your blog for about 3 years, I don’t usually comment but I had to say this post was really my favorite. I’ve seen your blog grow through the years and it’s very inspiring to think there’s a way to work and succeed doing what you really love and enjoy doing.
    I joke around with my husband that you are my imaginary best friend because he over hears you on snapchat hehe
    Best wishes!

    1. Oh I’m so glad you commented!! Thanks for taking the time :) That’ so funny what your husband said! haha. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

      Xo Rach

  15. Hi Rachel I’ve never commented before but this was just so beautifully written and from the heart! No matter what others have said you are who you are today because of your mother’s unconditional unwavering love! Congratulations on your new line of gorgeous clothing and on your precious little one on the way! Keep up the good and excellent work you are doing! Every good and perfect gift comes from above! Lots of love!;)

    1. Wow thank you so much for taking the time to comment Milly!!! I read each and every one so thank you :) It means a lot!

      Xo Rach

  16. your mom is so beautiful! May I ask what the brand is of the striped dress and cardigan is she is wearing while you were in the hospital?

  17. Rachel, I started following your blog this year and have never commented, but had to on this post. This is probably the most heartfelt and beautiful mother’s day post I have ever read. Thank you for being so candid and sharing this with us readers. Your mom sounds amazing and your post was so inspirational! xoxo

  18. Keep killin it girl!!! My mom has been the same for me with my modeling dreams (and brand new blogging dreams!). I think I would have quit modeling after 4 months if it weren’t for her! I am beyond blessed that God has put her in my life, and I can tell you feel the same!

    I’m 25 and now have a handful of friends and acquaintances whose moms have already passed. One of my closest friends also recently lost her Dad, who was her only involved parent. It’s crazy to think about that and I don’t mean to be morbid. It’s just that life’s small problems seem so insignificant when the people we love are alive and well. I am so glad my mom is pushing 60 and still healthy and fit as a fiddle!

    I’m sure I’d feel the same as you if anyone ever starting talking badly about me, or even worse my family. I am sensitive and I definitely know that words can hurt. But I have been enjoying your blog for years now and am so happy you didn’t quit because of a handful of losers who actually have time to talk badly about people! I also totally feel you on the husbands not getting it at first. My husband thinks the fashion industry is absolutely nuts haha. Anyway I’m grateful your sweet mom told you to keep going! And I’m glad mine does the same for me!

    Happy Mothers Day to you and your family!!

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed

    1. Thank you Maya!!! Parents really are amazing and it sounds like we both have amazing ones :)

      Xo Rach

  19. Your mom is amazing, Rachel! My mom and boyfriend have definitely been my biggest blog supporters, telling me the same things and encouraging me everyday. It’s always nice to have a mom as one of your biggest cheerleaders. Loved reading about how big of a support system your mom was and still is <3

    1. Thanks Hayley!! It’s so nice to have a support system behind you. So happy to hear you have the same amazing support!!

      Xo Rach

  20. Thank you for sharing! It’s so sad to think that there are some really mean people out there that would make fun of you, but that is just jealously and self-hatred on their ends. Anyway, I wanted to say that I love your blog, I think you are super talented, so beautiful and have exquisite taste! I get so much inspiration from your posts whether it be home decor, fashion or beauty. I’m so happy and I’m sure all of your followers that you listened to your Mom’s advice and continued to pursue your dreams and keep blogging!

    xo Michelle

  21. I just love you girl! You are beautiful inside and out and I love all you post! God bless you and your family. Happy Mother’s Day to a Proverbs 31 woman!

  22. I look at your blog and see perfection! I am seriously envious of that.The nasty people who make comments are nothing more than jealous.You keep doing what you do.It’s obviously working for you.Mom is right.


  23. I don’t make comments on blogs, but I’ll make an exception for you :) This was such a sweet post, and I found it very touching. It breaks my heart that there are cruel people in this world, but I hope you know there are people who admire you. My favorite thing about you (and I don’t even know you!): You’re so genuine. It’s refreshing! And although part of me is a little jealous because I wish I could own your entire wardrobe, I’m so glad that someone as well-deserving as you has been so successful! Keep living your dreams! Oh, and keep re-wearing pieces, it makes me feel less bad that I can’t wear a new outfit everyday :)

    1. Wow, thank you so much Julie!!! What a sweet comment to read. And thank you for taking the time to read and comment. It means a lot :)

      Xo Rach

  24. Rachel,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple years now, but have never commented. This post was just too sweet and heartfelt not to. I’m so glad that your mom helped you persevere during the difficult times. And I can’t help but think how your blog – with your unique voice and all your beautiful images – is a a wonderful gift for Isla Rose and your second little one. When they are older, I’m sure they will treasure being able to have such special insight into who you were before you were a mom and throughout your motherhood journey.

    Best wishes,

    1. I’m so glad you commented!!! I really appreciate it :) And I hope Isla Rose looks back on my blog and enjoys it as much as I do!


      Xo Rach

  25. What a wonderful post. I want to give a big high five to your mom for standing by you and encouraging you to reach your dreams, and another high five to you for not giving in to the haters and the fear. I just saw the movie “Joy” yesterday (Jennifer Lawrence) and your mom reminds me a little of the character of Mimi (the grandmother), who always encouraged Joy to keep going, even when it seemed all was lost or not worth it. I think this is the greatest gift of a mother… it’s the love, but also the strong support to help her children become all that they were meant to be, to reach their dreams and grow in confidence because of it. Happy Mother’s Day to both of you!

  26. I really like your blog and ivory lane too. I have learned so much! I have tried new things in my decorating and wardrobe. It’s so fun! I love it. Keep going!

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